January 15, 2017

Powerful Gospel Video Sermon by Jeff Durbin on YouTube

This popular video sermon by Jeff Durbin outlines the power of the gospel and how it compels Christians to proclaim and publish the gospel widely and without fear. I looked up his name and did not find anything associated with heresy, and it is an informative, inspiring and motivating sermon, so it seems good to recommend it. It's one of the most popular video sermons on YouTube.

Whether you are a Christian or not, if you are open-minded to the truth of the gospel, then this video is for you....

One of Jeff's key points is that the gospel is not a mere suggestion or something recommended to try out briefly and evaluate based upon how well it matches personal goals and feelings. Rather, the gospel is a mandate of repentance, as given from God, to turn from a sinful life in repentance and to enjoin Christ in relationship according to God's will and guidance. And we as Christians have this mandate from God to share this most important truth in life.

Jeff also outlines some reasons why he believes that the Church body in the US has become less and less effective and less relevant in US society. There is a trend among many Christians to avoid and condemn anything that is controversial or in any way perceived as confrontational, and Jeff aptly points out that this does not mesh with the early Church approach in the book of Acts or with the actions of Jesus himself, as recorded in the gospels. Jesus was actually very controversial, and a natural expression of a changed life is to become passionate about the types of things that Christ displayed passion for.
Christ's love of the Father and the Church find expression in Christ's passion for the gospel. The gospel and spiritual salvation entail more than just knowing about God or going to church, but include a radical personal transformation. And no matter how people may be offended by simply sharing the gospel in truth and in love, a certain boldness is not to be shunned by Christians, even if this is considered actually illegal by certain laws. Additionally, standing up for the oppressed and the vulnerable in society is a natural outgrowth of a spiritually-changed life. The subject of abortion is one important area that Jeff highlights in his video sermon where the vulnerable and valuable are for the most part defenseless and despised by society at large.

And Jeff also highlights the compelling continuation of gospel truth from the Old Testament "Torah" to the New Testament scriptural texts. And he gives an account of a Jewish woman that was inclined to believe in Christ as Jeff outlined the gospel message convincingly embedded in the Torah thousands of years before Christ was even born. Torah prophecy itself clearly proclaims the gospel of Christ as Messiah. And prophecy embedded in scripture is irrefutable to a person with an open mind who is ready to receive the astounding amount of fulfilled prophecies that surround Christ.

Jeff closes his sermon with quotes from a classic Hymn, "Rise up oh men of God." And the origin of this hymn is interesting: "No­lan R. Best, then ed­it­or of The Con­ti­nent, hap­pened to say to me that there was ur­gent need of a bro­ther­hood hymn…The sug­gest­ion lin­gered in my mind, and just about that time I came up­on an ar­ti­cle by Ger­ald Stan­ley Lee, en­ti­tled “The Church of the Strong Men.” I was on one of the Lake Mi­chi­gan steam­ers go­ing back to Chi­ca­go for a Sun­day at my own church, when sud­den­ly this hymn came up, al­most with­out con­scious thought or ef­fort."

Laufer, pp. 132-3

Hymn Lyrics by Will­iam P. Mer­rill from 1911

"Rise up oh men of God."

Rise up, O men of God! Have done with lesser things. Give heart and mind and soul and strength To serve the King of kings.

Rise up, O men of God! The kingdom tarries long. Bring in the day of brotherhood And end the night of wrong.

Rise up, O men of God! The church for you doth wait, Her strength unequal to her task; Rise up and make her great!

Lift high the cross of Christ! Tread where His feet have trod. As brothers of the Son of Man, Rise up, O men of God!

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