March 15, 2009

Christians Likely to Believe 9/11 was a Cover-up

Many facts contradict the official 9/11 report and are highly condemning of the government. For example, a now de-classified document, "199-Eye W.F. 213 589" was signed to obstruct anti-terrorist work prior to 9/11/01, as described in this Greg Palast BBC interview. One of the most affective anti-terrorist FBI agents, John O'Neill, eventually resigned from his job out of frustration. He was killed soon after he began his new job, head of security at the World Trade Center. The purpose of this article is not to prove 9/11 was a cover-up, there are many websites devoted to that (, for example. Also, "Want to Know" has a good section devoted to 9/11). The purpose is to reconsider the events from a Christian perspective.

A 2004 Zogby poll found that 49% of New Yorkers believe government officials had prior knowledge of an imminent attack. Increasing groups, including, but not limited to, architects and engineers, senior military, government and intelligence officials, scholars, prominent individuals and the latest, Political Leaders for 9-11 Truth, created March 6, 2009, have formed organizations and signed petitions demanding a real investigation, unobstructed and unbiased. Are there any reasons why Christians, as a group, may also be likely to question the official report? Here are some thoughts:

1) Christians believe in the sin nature and understand that even the most respected person is capable of heinous crimes, e.g. Operation Northwoods: The plan called for CIA or other operatives to kill innocent people and commit acts of terrorism in US cities to create public support for a war against Castro-led Cuba. It was drafted by the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, signed by then Chairman Lyman Lemnitzer, and sent to the Secretary of Defense. It was created in 1962 and declassified 1997-98.

2) Most Christians believe the prophecies of the latter days, including extreme deception (II Tim 3.13), an emerging one world system (Rev 13.16-18, Daniel 9.26,27) and leader. This will not be possible if countries remain sovereign, hence, US sovereignty must be dismantled...but how? It will not be voted away. Since 9/11, the US government has been increasingly demonizing anyone questioning the official report. Recently, the government has actually been training police to identify any informed citizens as possible terrorists. Constitutionalists, Christians and even home school parents are marked as potentially dangerous. Essentially, the government has created a war on terrorism and has been slowly redifining who the terrorists are and stripping civil rights. Combine this with an economic collapse and you have the perfect circumstances for overturning the US Constitution and joining the US with the emerging world government system.

3) Most Christians understand the biblical principle that truth is often not immediately apparent on the surface. This applies both spiritually and to the world at large. Only one who is willing to seek the truth and dig for it will find it (Prov 2.3,4). Many stories have been censored off the news, it's really shocking. In 2005 Bush signed an agreement with Canada and Mexico in secret with no congressional authorization towards creating a North American super state. But this type of news won't get beyond the media manipulation which began in the 1950's, known as Operation Mockingbird, and continues to this day. The internet is the only alternative.

4) True Christians have a conviction to speak the truth, even if it means ridicule and persecution. (Acts 5.28-29) Contrast this with Bush, whose main conviction has been to suppress truth. He continues to block the investigation into 9-11 and actually said "You can't possibly figure out the history of the Bush presidency -- until I'm dead." Their ceremony, the "cremation of care" sounds a lot like I Timothy 4.2 “…having their conscience seared with a hot iron.” Cheney’s main conviction seems to be that the illegal use of torture on terrorist suspects should continue. What about Obama? When asked about the crimes of the previous administration, Obama said “We should be looking forward, not backwards.”

When the 9/11 tragedy occurred, I had no reason to doubt the official story. But the more I looked into the facts, the more I became convinced that the official report is not true. I know many Christians who have followed Bush Sr. and Jr. with a kind of blind faith and I can understand why. Each time there was a question, they played the Christian card with talk about God. But as Christians become more and more labelled as "enemies of the state," I believe more will research the facts, question 9/11, and question the overall intentions of the government itself. Do you agree or disagree with this assessment?

(Since writing this article, the Open Chemical Physics Journal has published a report showing proof of highly engineered explosives in the WTC dust, linked here. Also, the Red Cross has revealed a condemning report confirming the use of torture on suspected terrorists, at this link. Foggo, once the number three man in the CIA, has been sentenced to prison, as shown in Washington Post here.)

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