You could summarize my life as a sinner saved by grace still learning and growing in order to live a life that is pleasing to God who loves me despite all of my ignorance and failings.

I initially began blogging as a means of sharing what I believe to be the most important truths in life. I gradually became more involved in online debating and have written a few articles that outline logical evidence and proof of God's existence. This is my personal blog, and I can't devote a lot of time to blogging, but I'm thankful for the opportunity to write and to debate on apologetic subjects a little. I only debate online in written format. Though a lot of Christians believe that apologetics and debating are a waste of time, there have been people that have come to believe the gospel through this.

This page is divided into three sections:

I. Brief bio and blog history
II. Sample blog articles I recommend
III. My present interests and services

I. Brief bio and blog history -  I grew up with a love for design, writing, and music, as well as a desire to help people know the truth about the meaning of life. I was trained at the Cooper Union college of architecture. This college is known for its emphasis on creativity and innovative thought. While in college, I was not well versed in philosophy and logic, but this has been a growing interest and has helped me to understand how our lives and work may be integrated on many different levels. After college, I moved to Southampton, NY and worked in construction and architecture. In 2001, I moved to Ukraine and worked as a missionary for over 10 years. In 2012, my Ukrainian wife and two sons moved to the United States.

My blog name, Templestream is not in any way related to Bill Roorbach's book Temple Stream. In Ezekiel 47.1 a river is described which flows out from the altar of a future temple. Also,  in John 7.38 a river of life is described by Christ that would flow out of living temples, people who have been born again of God's Spirit. This river in both cases is a river that has a great impact on its surroundings. Likewise, when we are in tune with the truth and Spirit of God, we can have a positive and substantial impact in the world as God guides our lives in accordance with His will.

I lived in Ukraine working as a volunteer teaching both as a missionary helping to plant a church and also as an English teacher and guest teacher and speaker at various schools and universities. I've recently written summary arguments opposed to Christian Hedonism because God has made it clear to me that it is based on a false and humanistic portrayal of God and Christianity.

II. Sample blog articles I recommend


Argument Against Christian Hedonism as Idolatry

Argument Against Christian Hedonism From Authority


Gates and Rockefeller Cafeterias Reject Monsanto GE Foods!

The Health and Logic of a Thankful Lifestyle


Christianity and Homosexuality: Embracing the Fullness of Christ

Hospitals Using Microchip Electronic Tattoos on Foreheads (Updated)

Apologetics & Evidence of God

To date, my logical arguments for God's existence have not met with serious challenges. Examples of logical proofs are found in the following articles:

The Organizing Principle of the Universe: Hierarchy and the Central Truth

How Identity, Logic and Physics Prove God's Existence

Atheists that come to debate are often hostile, dishonest and tiring, but I've been encouraged by the account of Shammah in the Old Testament in  2 Samueal 23.11, describing how a warrior for God faithfully defended a bean field from the enemy. This blog may be nothing more than a hill of beans, but the underlying premise and reality of God's existence has lasting and eternal value to those open to looking into it and receiving the truth and person of Christ.
Rick Warden