One of the reasons I've been grateful for the Cooper Union architecture program is because it emphasizes conceptual design and philosophical thought. While in architecture college, I didn't realize that I would later become more involved in writing. But looking back now, I can see that the writing was on the wall, so to speak. I used to love to read and write in college as much as I loved the creative aspect of design.

As I've been writing professionally and blogging for a number of years now, I've become familiar with methods for increasing the amount of traffic to a blog or website. Ultimately, content is king. I don't write posts every day for my own blog. But I do try to make the content rich with some valuable facts, insights and critical news. Though writing about Christian life may not draw very many readers, writing about atheist/Christian debate subjects tends to draw a lot more interest. The context of Ecclesiastes 12.11 implies that philosophical "goads" have an impact. They prod and challenge.

My SEO writing was a key element in helping a Hamptons NY business become #1 in Google in a number of key categories. Their business picked up substantially after I revamped their website and added a blog with some content-rich articles.

Whether you are interested in a ghost writer writing from a specific perspective, or if you are interested in having me write from my own perspective, I can post interesting content at your blog or website and help to keep it alive and high on Google search lists.

Listed below are some samples of my writing. If you are in need of a quality writer in any of the following genres, consider contacting me at the address below.

Samples of writing genres and themes

I. News and journalism
II. Design articles
III. Philosophical articles
IV. Technical writing
V. Christian life
VI. Songs and poetry

I. News and journalism -  Alternative news is growing in popularity. One hot topic is genetically modified foods. While Bill Gates and others are attempting to force GE foods on the general public, my research uncovered that they refuse to eat it themselves. Many people are unaware that Fox News won a US legal decision supporting its right to deceive the public with regard to GE foods. With regard to my news on Cosmologist Alexander Vilenkin, he personally confirmed that my final draft of an article on the beginning of the universe is accurately written.

Gates and Rockefeller Cafeterias Reject Monsanto GE Foods!

Vilenkin's Math Supports Creation Model of Universe

The Health and Logic of a Thankful Lifestyle

II. Design articles - I've written several design articles for Demand Media which have been published on the Internet. The specific subjects have ranged from architecture to art and painting.

Modern Dutch Architecture

7 Critical Success Factors for Architecture

How to Plan a Kitchen & Bathroom

Oriental Landscaping Ideas

Unique Paint Ideas

III. Philosophical articles -  The artifices I've written on philosophy often include logical proofs of God's existence. To date, no atheists have been able to offer an effective challenge to the premises of the arguments set forth.

Top 20 Atheist Bloggers Decline Challenge to Reason

The Organizing Principle of the Universe: Hierarchy and the Central Truth

Remember When WL Craig Refuted The God Delusion?

IV. Technical writing - I've worked as a ghostwriter and editor at an international technical magazine, Eurasian Chemical Market, for over two years. I've also had technical articles published on requested subjects for other professional publications.

How to Write a Critical Summary of an Article

How to Replace a Mansard Style Roof

Step-by-Step Roof Construction

V. Christian life - I've written articles on Christianity for professional publication and for my personal blog as well.

How to Practice God's Presence

The Good of Teaching Religious Curriculum in Public Schools

The Christian Life Simplified

VI. Songs and poetry - I have three CDs with original songs. Some of these are presently available for free at the Worship Corner website.

I generally use tags at the bottom of every Internet page. Why do I do this? When people search for information they use key phrases, such as "creative, artistic web-copywriter" If your webpage has that exact phrase then your page will likely appear near the top of the search result list. This is called search optimization. When I write, I prefer White Hat search optimization techniques in order to draw the most traffic. This is just one secret. I'm familiar with many key secrets of how to draw the maximum amount of people to your blog or website. If you are in need of writing services, whether it be news and journalism, design related, philosophical, technical, spirituality oriented, general life articles, or even related to song and verse writing, you may contact me at the email address at the bottom of the page.

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