May 30, 2016

Barna Poll: Americans Concerned as New Moral Code Takes Over

A majority of Americans, of all ages and all demographics, express concern regarding the moral condition of the United States, from adults in general (80%) to younger Millennials (74%).
"What's right for you" is the hot new morality of self-fulfilment
“As nominally Christian moral norms are discarded what, if anything, is taking their place? Barna's research reveals the degree to which Americans pledge allegiance to the “morality of self-fulfillment,” a new moral code that, as David Kinnaman, President of Barna argues, has all but replaced Christianity as the culture’s moral norm.” The highest good, according to our society, is 'finding yourself' and then living by 'what’s right for you,'" 

May 19, 2016

Debate: "Secular Humanism Offers an Objective Basis of Morality"

(Most recent: Rick's  rebuttal posted on 05-29-16)

A secular atheist, Britlandt Abney, has offered to defend the position "Secular Humanism Offers an Objective Basis of Morality" and I wish to oppose it. This secular view has been defended by Sam Harris, but neither his argument nor any argument I have seen appears to be logically supportable.

We agreed not to rush the debate, but to begin after a few days or up to a week. I've requested the open introduction and main argument to be sent to me by email by Britlandt, The following are debate term definitions he's offered:

May 17, 2016

Atheist Debate Administrator Believes Personal Insults Are Necessary

Haunted Shore, who claims to be an administrator at the atheist-run facebook debate group “Apologetics, Philosophy, Reason and Logic”, has the opinion that it is necessary for the administrators at that group to insult people. This is especially odd considering that a rule of the group explicitly states, “No personal attacks.” Here's the quote: 
"It was not an unnecessary insult. He was simply saying that if Mark removes someone, its probably because they have done something wrong."
Then Haunted Shore goes on to offer that insulting people is supposedly OK because people don't actually turn into the insults that they are called:

“If you call someone a bad person, that does not make you a bad person. Calling someone an asshole does not make you an asshole. This shouldn't be hard to understand.” (
May 9, 2016 at 1:01 AM)

May 03, 2016

Drive-By Shooting at FB Group: Apologetics, Philosophy, Reason and Logic

At the facebook group  "Apologetics, Philosophy, Reason and Logic" I was banned from debating today in what could best be described as a drive-by shooting that lasted from 2.02PM to my being blocked at 3.01PM (see webclips below). In that period of time not one actual "strike" against me from the rule list was specifically applied to me by any administrator, while the group rules call for at least three strikes in order to be banned. There are a couple of token Christian moderators at the blog that basically don't seem to challenge atheism or the abusive behavior of the other moderators. In any event, abusive atheist group moderators are helping to confirm the truth of the gospel in a number of ways. Ron Morales, who was also banned for no valid reason, explained a pointed animosity against Christians that seriously engage there:

"I can confirm that I for one have been repeatedly insulted because of my Christian beliefs (at times by admins) with no repercussions for the atheists insulting me, even though personal attacks are an explicit violation of the rules."
Overlapping Webclips of the FB Debate Group: Apologetics, Philosophy, Reason and Logic

1. In the following thread I attempted to discuss a question offered by a group member: "How could someone know that God had imparted this knowledge to them? How could one know that it wasn't just an intelligent demon?" - I offered that the fulfillment of prophecy in scripture is an example of verifiable divinely imparted knowledge and offer a linked reference to my point. When challenged by an administrator known for his abuse, I clarified that I would defend this position, but I also pointed out that I did not wish to debate personally with a moderator at that group due to the apparent probability that I would be blocked from the group for offending a moderator.


2. Though I had simply offered valid concerns and did not mention any names or offer any personal attack, administrator Simon Birch erroneously claimed that I had made an "ad hominem attack" that was "intellectually dishonest."

April 26, 2016

Reason Why Scandinavia is #1 in Press Freedom and Corruption Control

Finland recently won first place in the 2016 World Press Freedom Index prepared by Reporters Without Borders. The top four countries are Scandinavian. And Denmark was ranked first in a separate 2015 ranking regarding the mitigation of corruption, with Finland listed as second on that list.

Scandinavian countries rely on mechanisms for constant governmental accountability

Marie ChĂȘne, the Senior Research Coordinator at Transparency International, described what she believed was the underlying main means of achieving the high ethical performance of government and increased public trust In Scandinavia, stating that there is typically a, “strong transparency and accountability mechanism in place allowing citizens to monitor their politicians and hold them accountable for their actions and decisions.”

This Scandinavian strategy is diametrically opposed to the default position that the United States has come to adopt (Now sadly ranked 41 in press freedom). Denmark's “Anti-Corruption-Portal” highlights subtle as well as more overt violations: "prohibits active and passive bribery, abuse of public office, embezzlement, fraud, breach of trust", and their whistlblower protection and anonymity laws allow for more practical government accountability, however, whistleblowers and journalists in the U.S. are usually under attack and more likely to be the only ones going to jail, and harshly punished at that. And unethical conflicts of interest abound in U.S. corporate-political lobbying, the "passive bribery" forbidden in Scandinavia.

April 11, 2016

Gallup Poll Shows Christians Desire Political and Ethical Teaching

As we approach the 2016 US presidential elections, there is a lot of mudslinging and ethical illiteracy on display by all the political candidates. Political positions on torture, fetal harvesting, unprovoked war, the loss of basic rights and corporate lobbyist corruption are as astounding as they are disappointing. This ethical illiteracy is representative of the entire country, including many Christians and leaders in the Church. In any event, it's understandable why Christians would welcome some teaching and dialogue on critical ethical and political subjects these days. But based on a recent Gallup poll, they aren't getting enough of this from their churches and pastors. Six political subjects are highlighted in the “God's People Want to Know” poll summary, archived at Wall Builders. Reasons why pastors resist political subjects are described later in this post:

A majority of the survey respondents said it is “extremely important” for their pastor to preach or teach the congregation about the following issues:
Issues of Interest to Conservative Voters
 Abortion 71%
 Religious persecution 61%
 Sexual identity 56%
 Israel 54%
 Poverty 54%
 Cultural restoration 53%  

March 18, 2016

Watch Hillary Clinton Admit on LIVE TV She Voted to Invade Iraq for the Money

Republished in full by Templestream from The Daily Sheeple

In the process of explaining her vote in favor of the war in Iraq, Hillary Clinton made a startling admission — she sided with then-President George W. Bush because he promised billions of dollars to help New York after 9/11.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, Clinton described the situation the day after the attack as if she, alone, could be the savior of New York City. Matthews queried the presidential candidate, who now admits the U.S. invasion of Iraq was a mistake, why Sen. Bernie Sanders foresaw the folly of that war when she could not.

After a fly-over, seeing the “devastation” at ground zero, Clinton stated $20 billion had been immediately slated by the Bush administration to rebuild the Pentagon and fund Homeland Security, but “not a penny for New York.”

Clinton attended a small meeting at the White House, where she intimated she faced Republican opposition in garnering financial help to rebuild NYC.

“I’m sitting there in the Oval Office, and Bush says to me, ‘What do you need?’ And I said, ‘I need $20 billion to rebuild, you know, New York.’ He said, ‘You got it.’ And he was good to his word,” Clinton explained to Matthews. “So, my experience with [Bush] on something of great import to this country was positive — because, literally that same day, I get back to the Capitol, and the Republicans are trying to take that money away. We kept calling the White House. Bush kept saying, ‘I gave them my word, I’m going to stick with it.’ So, you know, I had a different set of experiences [than Sanders].”


January 24, 2016

Daily Updated Polls for 2016 US Presidential Election (Republican and Democrat)

Daily Updated Poll Charts

Republican Primary Popularity Poll Chart for Today
(click here).

Democratic Primary Popularity Poll Chart for Today (click here)

Combination Polls Updated (click here).

Seeing popularity polls can help to determine if you are voting for a candidate that has a real chance, or if you are possibly wasting a vote for ideological reasons.
Check out the Candidate Issues and Positions:
Cruz, Rubio and Rand Paul desire to defund federalized Planned Parenthood abortions on demand and fetal harvesting, with some candidates offering state and community solutions to this issue. Trump has flip-flopped on this issue in the past, but is presently pro-life. Hillary supports Planned Parenthood unequivocally (with their PAC donations), while Sanders is supportive of PP with light criticism. Trump and Sanders apparently are the only viable candidates not controlled by Wall Street and Goldman Sachs (Rand Paul is a bit of a long shot candidate). Trump, Rubio and Jeb support waterboarding interrogation-punishment, which I believe is unethical and criminal according to the Geneva Convention. Paul, Hillary and Sanders presently oppose waterboarding. Cruz has flip-flopped, first opposing torture but then claiming that the U.S. has never tortured (that the 2014 report on US treatment of prisoners from Iraq included no torture is absurd.). 
Cruz, Rubio and Paul are strong in defending the right to freedom of conscience, while Hillary, Sanders, and even Trump, see gay marriage as trumping this right. Paul proposed a vote to audit the Federal Reserve. Rubio voted "yes" to audit the Fed. Trump is for the audit, Cruz gave lip service, but did not show up to vote. Sanders voted "yes" to audit the Fed. Trump, Cruz, Rubio and Paul oppose Common Core Ed. Hillary, Sanders and Jeb support it. Sanders voted against Common Core reform and one of his top PAC donors, The NEA Union, presently promotes Common Core at their website without reservation (see webclips below).

December 25, 2015

End Times Prophecy Update: News, Events and Trends - 2016


An understanding of biblical prophecy helps to connect the dots in a world of increasing apparent chaos. And fulfilled prophecies underscore the authenticity of scripture. Jesus described "birth pangs" as signs of the end, and many signs in Matthew 24, insinuating that we should be looking out for such prophetic signs.
Sir Isaac Newton, perhaps the greatest scientist in history, was also a "watchman" that studied predictive biblical prophecy and wrote more on this subject than on science or math. There are many Jews anxious for Moshiach to arrive and it is stunning to see correlations between their anticipated Techno-Messiah and the Antichrist predicted in scripture. While the increasing deception and calamities in the world are distressing, the prophetic truth outlined ultimately underscores the truth of scripture and the good news of the gospel and God's love. Whatever your eschatology, you may find the 15 news stories related to the following 15 prophecy connections interesting.

1. Global economic collapse increasingly likely. (Revelation 6:6) Annual increasing bank failures (see attached graph), crashing oil and commodity prices,  the “death cross” in stock market graphs - are all signs of serious problems that could lead to a complete overhaul and a cash-less system. The Cheney-Halliburton invasion of Iraq has only delayed aspects of inevitable peak oil problems. Hidden oil reserves will remain, but peaking in oil production is inevitable and will ultimately reshape society.
2. Increase of earthquakes. (Matthew 24.7) After years of denial, USGS has finally admitted that earthquakes are statistically increasing: "The long-term rate of approximately 29 earthquakes per year increased sharply starting around 2009." (see graph). Though much is attributed to man-made effects, notable earthquakes are one of the "birth pangs" described by Jesus.
3. The death of cash predicted by Apple’s CEO. (Revelation 13:17)
Apple CEO Tim Cook has predicted that new generation “...will not know what money is.” Sweden is almost totally cash-less (98%) And the technology already exists for a totally cash-less, microchip-implant, Mark-of-the-Beast society. Jews are being taught to embrace hyper-technology as "a scent of Moshiach" towards a dystopian totalitarian system.
4. Increased prosperity of Israel in last days. (Ezekiel 36:11)
Israel now ranks 38th in global prosperity stats out of 142 countries (2015), described as a 'soaring economy' by the MSM. This was before a massive oil reserve was discovered in Israel.
5. Preparations for New Jerusalem End Times Temple speed up. (Daniel 9:27) - The Temple Institute has located a red heifer and has now rebuilt the altar for sacrifices in the new Temple of the Lord planned in Jerusalem. Practice animal sacrifices have already begun.
6. Increased opposition to Israel. (Zechariah 14:2)
Palestine blockades, the Islamification of the free world in the name of political correctness, Quasi-Jewish Rothschild Illuminati NWO corruption have all contributed to increased anti-Semitism.
7. Dramatic Aliyah (return of Jews to Israel) in “last days.” (Hosea 3:4-5, Ezekiel 20:34, Isaiah 11:11-12). The dramatic increase of Jews returning to Israel is reversing Arab population demographics.
Coming of false Messiah (Daniel 9:26-27, Daniel 11:36-45, 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4, Revelation 13:16-17, Revelation17:12-13) - Leading Israeli Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky says Arrival Messiah is imminent. In November 2015, Rabbi Rami Levy and 15 year Old Natan discuss an OOOBE NDE and vision preparing Jews to receive this false Messiah.
Some claim Moshiach will embrace technology as, "...a ramp up (High Tech) to Messianic Times" when, "Labor will then be in spiritual pursuits only."  Rabbi Adin Even Israel Steinsaltz and Rabbi Ira Bedzow both offer favorable views of trans-humanism trends and "The Singularity" described by Jewish pioneer Ray Kurzweil. Rabbinical Bible codes also support the Jewish Messiah's near arrival, at end of Shemitta Year.   9. The rise of a global, powerful false religion and false prophet. (Revelation17) – At the United Nations (09-28-15), Pope Francis said he, "comes in his own name" - not in the name of Christ, who actually predicted this type of deceptive leader: “I am come in my Father’s name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive.” John 5:43 (KJV). Pope Francis called Jesus a failure in New York (09-24-15)
. Since 1964, the Vatican has promoted false Islamic ecumenism: “But the plan of salvation also includes those who acknowledge the Creator, in the first place among whom are the Muslims..." The above statement is patently false. Muhammad did not teach the important gospel truth that Jesus is the only way of salvation (John 14.6). Jesus never stated or implied a leader would come after him that should be considered as equal or as more important, that is, Muhammad. On the contrary, unlike the Vatican, Jesus warned earnestly against deceptive false prophets. (Matthew 7.15, John 10.8). Pope Francis is quoted in a Vatican video published 01-06-16 stating, "we are all children of God." and, "Many think differently, feel differently, seeking God or meeting God in different ways," - again denying John 14.6 with the heretical idea that a person of any religion meets God on an equal standing without Christ.

Jesus Christ, Jehovah, Allah. These are all names employed to describe an entity that is distinctly the same across the world - See more at:
Jesus Christ, Jehovah, Allah. These are all names employed to describe an entity that is distinctly the same across the world - See more at:

November 19, 2015

Facts About Grace

  1. The country with the highest concentrated internet searches for “grace” in Google Trends is Jamaica. This might be because Grace Jones the singer and the popular Grace Foods company (offering “Grace Mackerel”) are from Jamaica.[1]
  2. The Webster's Dictionary definition of “grace” has 8 categories with additional sub-categories.[2]
  3. The Canadian band Three Days Grace coined a name that, “...refers to a sense of urgency; with the question being whether someone could change something in one's life if one had only three days to make a change.”[3]
  4. The word “grace” in the Old Testament is translated from the Hebrew word, “chen” and in the New Testament as the Greek, “charis”, which Strong's Concordance defines as, “...a gift or blessing brought to man by Jesus Christ.”[4]
  5. Grace is described in scripture as a central aspect of existence and purpose, as ordained before the beginning of time.[5]
  6. Testimonies of God's grace underscore the ability of God's grace to inspire, challenge and transform us to the very core.[6]
  7. A panel of religious experts could not decide Christianity's unique contribution. C.S. Lewis replied, “Oh, that's easy. It's grace."[7]
  8. The secular atheist philosophy “Objectivism” repudiates grace, kindness, charity, generosity, forgiveness, and basically altruism in general, according to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.[8]
  9. Plato coined at least five quotes on grace, including: “Beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm depend on simplicity - I mean the true simplicity of a rightly and nobly ordered mind and character, not that other simplicity which is only a euphemism for folly.”[9]
  10. The fragrance “Amazing grace” is described as, “Philosophy's bestselling fragrance. Amazing grace is always appropriate...”.- although this perfume has been labeled as, “old person smell” by some.
  11. Elvis Presley did not name Graceland based on his religious roots. The owner of the property named it after his daughter, Grace Toof.

October 29, 2015

19 Reasons Why I Don't Celebrate Halloween

I'm not going to judge someone else if they feel a strong desire to celebrate this holiday, per Colossians 2.16. But I believe there are a number of very good reasons not to celebrate Halloween, as outlined in an article by Michael Snyder, and re-published below in full. And  I would like to add one more reason to the list. When I was a kid, I would canvass the town with a friend and fill up one pillow case of candy that would last me for about three months, if I didn't binge. However, candy has changed significantly since then. Studies are increasingly demonstrating the the genetically modified corn syrup found in most present-day candies wreaks havoc on one's health.
For example, a recent study out of Egypt, published at,  has confirmed what scientists at least five years ago in Austria and Russia had already determined, that GMO foods cause sterility. According to the study by the Food Technology Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Anatomy and Embryology, and Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Suez Canal University, Ismailia, Egypt, after just 91 days, many of the rats fed a GM diet were completely sterile. So, add Halloween candy to my list of reasons why I'm opting out of Halloween because I love and care for my family.

18 Reasons Why I Don’t Celebrate Halloween

Halloween Fire - Public Domain

This year, 64 percent of all Americans will celebrate Halloween, but I will not be one of them.  For me, it is a wretched, horrible holiday that celebrates the darkest side of humanity, and it is deeply rooted in ancient pagan traditions that would get people thrown in prison if they attempted to duplicate them today.  With each passing year, the sexually suggestive costumes being marketed to our young girls become even skankier, the horror movies become darker and even more demonic, and the number of Americans that participate in occult ceremonies just continues to grow.  In fact, it has been estimated that the number of self-identified witches in the United States is doubling every 30 months.  Those that are deeply into the occult take this holiday very seriously, and the dark forces that they are dealing with are very real.  So no, I don’t want anything to do with this festival of death.  In no particular order, the following are 18 reasons why I don’t celebrate Halloween…
#1 I don’t want anyone in my family to observe a holiday that celebrates death, witchcraft and the occult.  This year, millions of Americans will participate in activities that could potentially open up a door for demonic activity.
#2 The average American spends $74.34 on the holiday.  I would rather save the money.
#3 Millions of women use Halloween as an excuse to dress like street walkers, and millions of men use Halloween as an excuse to act like sexual predators.
#4 Even little girls as young as three years old are being dressed up in sexually provocative costumes.  What kind of message does this send to them?
#5 Dressing up little children as ghosts, demons and vampires is not healthy for them.  In recent years, there has been a trend to make costumes for children as hellish as possible.

April 03, 2015

Five Core Needs and Five Lies of Technology by Kathy Koch

Kathy writes, “The lie, 'I deserve to be happy all the time' is one of five I unpack in my new book, Screens and Teens: Connecting with Our Kids in a Wireless World.” (2015).  Dr. Koch has some very compelling insights to offer regarding some of the deleterious effects of technology in society today, especially as this relates to raising healthy children.

Time Tuned Into Technology
A report published in 2009 by Stamford University concluded that Americans spend 90% of waking hours staring at glowing rectangles. The lead author of the report, Dr. Richard Menken said, “From the moment they wake up in the morning, to the moment they lose consciousness at night, Americans are in near-constant visual contact with bright, pulsating rectangles.” The researchers identified 30 varieties of glowing rectangles that play some role throughout the course of each day and offered, "We discovered in almost all cases that Americans find it enjoyable and rewarding to put their faces in front of glowing rectangles for hours on end,". Though there are many true benefits to the current technological revolution, it's a fact that increasingly engaging technology can be addictive and can have a more serious impact on children that have more difficulty in separating truth from fiction in media.

The Five Core Needs of Life

The fixation with artificial intelligence and virtual video worlds is especially poignant when we consider the types of media directed at children and how it influences their perception of reality and values. Dr. Koch doesn't just outline the problems. In another book, Authentic Hope, she goes into depth regarding how our sense of identity controls our behavior and how our five core needs can be met in much healthier ways than with video games. As you review the five core needs, its easy to see how a video-game world offers a very warped perspective on addressing these needs at an impressionable age of life. The first need is for security—Who can I trust? The second, identity—Who am I? The third, belonging—Who wants me? The fourth is for purpose—Why am I alive? And the fifth, competence—What do I do well? The full title of that book is Finding Authentic Hope and Wholeness: 5 Questions That Will Change Your Life (2005).

February 14, 2015

Arguments for God from Metalogical Necessities

Metalogic is defined by Oxford Dictionary from meta-logic theory as follows: “A theory whose subject-matter is a logistic system”. When using systems of logic to determine logical deductions, the question can arise: What is required for logical systems to work practically and reliably in the real world? There are at least two important aspects that flow from this question. One is the implicit teleological aspect of logic. The second is the implicit referential aspect of perfect truth and validity found in logic.This investigation was inspired by Jay's Analysis website, from an article titled, “Numbers Prove God” in which the author states:
“Reality, at every single point, and in every single act of predication, requires infinity.  That itself is a huge mystery, but no one would be so ridiculous as to say that mystery means we cannot know anything.  What philosophy or theology can make sense of how infinity is present and necessary at each point?  How does a finite, created mind access or touch upon infinity, if infinity is something only present to, and confined in, our realm of existence?”

February 04, 2015

Why Secular Atheism Leads to Nihilism

Secular atheism, when lived out with intellectual honestly, leads to nihilism. Why is this? Because there is ultimately no objective basis for purposeful meaning in life for the secular atheist. Inventing meaning is neither rational nor logical. For example,  a sign that states “Dead End” would offer an incoherent and false meaning if placed alongside a continuous superhighway. A sign, or anything in life that conveys meaning, only has valid and coherent meaning when it is linked to a corresponding reality in some type of logical manner. Many atheists are confused on this point. Richard Dawkins. for example, has claimed that an “adult” view of life is to subjectively “make” meaning in your life, in whatever manner you may wish to do this. In reality, this is a childish and superficial approach to a deep subject. Children, not adults, are fond of creating make-believe worlds. The following is a quote of Richard Dawkins from the God Delusion:

“The truly adult view [...] is that our life is as meaningful, as full and as wonderful as we choose to make it. And we can make it very wonderful indeed.”

Unlike Dawkins' make-believe meaning in life, Christian debaters, such as William Lane Craig, have  demonstrated that a rational and logical worldview is possible only when it is based on logically framed precepts arranged in a logical syntax, and not merely based on pretentious whims.

Why Richard Dawkins' View of Meaning is Absurd...

January 31, 2015

Friend Check: How to Clear the Air

There are certain personal questions that you can ask people to help clear the air, build up relationships and develop personal and spiritual growth. This can help foster a powerful testimony of sincere and authentic love in a Christian community. Some people don't like discussing personal issues at all. But most people do appreciate it when you try to make sure that things are copacetic and that you would care enough to make sure that there isn't some old festering resentment about something.

When I recently began asking some friends on facebook to critique my life, one remembered an argument from 15 years ago. Another friend asked me to do the same for him, to critique his life using the same questions. Asking friends to be honest with you and critique your life with some constructive criticism can seem pretty scary at first. But I believe you will find that it helps to clear the air, rekindle older friendships and support personal growth. On facebook and other social platforms, there can be a tendency towards focusing on the more superficial aspects of relationships while not addressing some important deeper questions. Time limitations and personality differences don't allow us to be close friends with everyone, but we can try to keep lines of communication open and sincere.

A couple of friends asked me, “Is this a part of a Bible study?” In a sense, it is. There are some powerful verses on relationships that can be meditated on and applied. Verses describe the powerful apologetic nature of sincere love and sincere relationships within a Christian community. And there are verses that apply towards clearing the air and detoxing the Body of Christ from built-up negativity. Other verses encourage us to give thoughtful words of grace that build each other up and help in personal and spiritual growth:

January 20, 2015

Isaiah's Logical Reasoning Rings True After Thousands of Years

At first glance, a few sentences offered by the prophet Isaiah don't seem to carry very much philosophical weight, even though he challenges his readers to, “Come now, and let us reason together.” (Isaiah 1.18). But the few words that he penned on the subject of moral reason have far-reaching implications and underscore some serious challenges that atheist philosophers struggle with to this day and have yet to overcome. When Isaiah stated, “Though your sins be as scarlet,” he was stating a premise that can be explained within a completely logical context in accordance with a logical worldview. By contrast, no secular atheists to date have been able to adequately offer a logical and reliable basis for human ethics and human morality that will not ultimately lead to a very cold and very brutal society. The fact is, the world is quickly becoming a more brutal and corrupt place. I'd offer that the human condition and human society today are worsening mainly due to the rejection of basic Christian principles and ethics that had been prominent for approximately 2000 years. A number of points outline how post-Christian society is becoming more and more twisted. Contrary to a popular myth, the crime rate is increasing today when undocumented government crimes and widespread white collar crimes are taken into account. Let's consider the wisdom of Isaiah in contrast to alternative secular positions. 

January 02, 2015

True World Crime Rates Much Higher Than Statistics Report

True crime statistics outlining actual crimes committed would reveal that the crime rate is actually much higher than what is being projected. One of the issues at hand is that vast networks of high-level criminals that are breaking laws are not being prosecuted, therefore, the mainstream world crime statistics are artificially low. The reality of this expanding elite criminal class has been documented in numerous sources. It is not just that elite criminals are being left alone, but that values are being totally reversed as well. Even the crime of torture is not being prosecuted in the US today. When searching for world crime statistics, the main subjects that appear are "homicide" and "murder." But there is much more to the picture. Consider, for example, that governments are not likely to allow their own government agencies to report on criminal activities presently occurring by the very same governments. But this is typically how global crime rates are reported.

I. The Economist Highlights how Crime Statistics are Based on A Small Fraction of Categories

The Economist journal published a misleading post titled, "Why is crime falling?" wherein the same post offers a revealing quote that contradicts the title: "Electronic crime and fraud has distracted some professional criminals from traditional ways of stealing stuff." The author claims that "fraud" is distracting run-of-the mill criminals from petty crimes. I would offer another opinion: Petty crime statistics are distracting statisticians from the much more widespread and pervasive problems of white-collar corporate crimes, government crimes and twisted ethical positions and laws that no longer define heinous crimes as crimes. Crime is not actually "falling" today at all, it is alive and well, even as the Economist article insinuates. The statistic problem is plainly outlined, though, that statisticians who focus on petty  crime categories and standard crime categories while white-collar corporate crime, government crime, and twisted ethical and legal positions should also be considered prior to claiming that, "crime is falling."

December 26, 2014

Another Study Confirms That Religious People Experience Greater Happiness - But Reviews Falter

A freshly-published study on happiness highlights a greater degree of happiness for religious people. What I find notable is that two of the most popular summaries published on the Internet focus on the significance and benefits of meeting with others once a week, but neither summary posits the possibility that tangible joy and happiness could be heightened through a tangible experience of God's presence within the context of community among fellow believers. Psalms 22.3 states, "But thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel." (KJV). Psalms 16.11 states, "You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand." (NIV).
Religions that do not advocate a tangible presence of God would not offer that quality as a context for happiness. However, an objective reviewer of this study could have taken a minute to research and note that in the U.S., where the study was performed, evangelical Protestants still make up a majority, 51.3 percent of the religious population, as noted at Pew Research. Even so, Catholics, Orthodox and even Jews could also experience God's presence in worship services in accordance with Protestant understandings of scripture and theology. In accordance with Einstein's 1954 essay, "Science and religion" - science is basically "blind" when the implications of religion are not fairly assessed employing true critical thinking and true objectivity.