December 09, 2017

List of Trump's Key Positive Conservative Accomplishments

A person doing objective research into the facts of President Trump's list of actions and accomplishments since taking office will see that overall he has promoted a less-controlling government and a renewed impetus towards religious liberty in the truest sense of the word. His list of achievements shows support for traditional values and freedoms and the critical right to public free speech. In contrast to this, the past few U.S. presidents have increasingly supported globalist totalitarian governmental control, increased bureaucracy, and status-quo corruption. This is why Trump's approach has been labeled "draining the swamp." All of the following points have documented reliable sources based on original source links.

List of Trump's Key Positive Conservative Accomplishments


January 27, 2017—'Vice President Mike Pence became the first vice president in United States history to speak at the annual March for Life march in Washington D.C. Additionally, Trump senior advisor Kellyanne Conway also spoke at the event, and Trump himself strongly expressed his support for the march.'

April 4, 2017—'The Trump Administration halted U.S. funding of the United Nations Population Fund, which has links to inhumane abortion programs such as China's one-child policy. Instead, the $32.5 million was shifted to the U.S. Agency for International Development.'

'President Trump appointed several pro-life advocates to Department of Health and Human Services positions. On April 28, 2017, in an apparent victory for the pro-life movement,'
The Department of Health and Human Services has published a revised strategic plan that states in its introduction that life begins at conception. 
Religious Liberty

February 22, 2017—'President Trump rescinded former President Obama's pro-transgender guidelines for schools receiving federal aid that are subject to Title IX. A day earlier, the Trump Administration announced it would discontinue Obama's pro-transgender policies.'

May 4, 2017—On the annual National Day of Prayer, President Trump signed an executive order on religious liberty. Among its provisions, it loosened IRS restrictions against political activities by tax-exempt religious organizations, effectively weakening the Johnson Amendment; and it attempted to make it easier for employers not to provide contraceptives if they had religious objections. The order gave conservative Attorney General Jeff Sessions greater authority regarding religious liberty policy.  Although well received by some Christians and conservatives, others criticized it for being ineffective and easy to repeal.' 

November 20, 2017

The Paradox of Happiness in Christ: Why Jesus is not a Christian Hedonist


Many Christians today are obsessed with the subject of happiness and seeking joy as the top priority in life. Don't get me wrong, being happy and joyful are good things. But when a good thing is made the most important thing, then this is the essence of idolatry. If we were meant to seek our own happiness in God above all things, then the Sermon on the Mount would actually be in reverse order and false. We would be admonished to seek our happiness first above all and to view righteousness and holy behavior as merely a means towards this. But this is not what Jesus taught. Based on a close examination of scripture, Jesus was not a Christian Hedonist and in his first teaching, he warned us of those that would corrupt the commands and priorities of God. After reading this article I hope that you come away with this important truth: Life in Christ is a beautiful paradox. Don't fight it, embrace it.

The very first teaching that Jesus gave has been called the Sermon on the Mount and its content has been called the “Beatitudes.” According to Vines, "In the beatitudes the Lord indicates not only the characters that are "blessed," but the nature of that which is the highest good." The word "blessed" indicates a spiritual state that is associated with happiness but is more than mere secular happiness or satisfaction.

What is the Sermon on the Mount mainly about? A deeper revelation of true ethics and discipleship.

Here are the first four points of Christ's first teaching:

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
“Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.”
“Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.”
“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.”
(Matthew5:3-6 NIV)

According to the explicit words of Jesus, we are admonished to actually hunger and thirst after righteousness, not satisfaction. And the state of satisfaction is a byproduct. This underscores the paradox of happiness. As a conclusion to his long teaching, Jesus emphasized that the blessedness of God is not the main goal we are to be seeking, but is a byproduct of seeking the whole of God's kingdom, and all that this means, and living according to God's righteousness:

November 06, 2017

Witnesses: Texas Church Shooter was Depressed and Adamant Secular Atheist

On November 5, 2017, a mass shooting took place at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. I pray for the families of the victims. And I thank God for the hero, Johnnie Langendorf, an exemplary citizen that was able to stop the killer's illegal gun from killing more people by using his own legal gun. There is not a lot of info coming out in the MSM about the Texas shooter, Devin Patrick Kelley. But alternative news sites are offering witness accounts by acquaintances. These witnesses outline the shooters life, beliefs, and habits. It's helpful to look deeper into the subject of gun violence in America and to try to understand not only the shooter's motive but also what formed the basis of the shooter's motive. If anything, this will help us as Christians to better respond to this problem in society.

Chris Cuomo asked a Texas pastor about the Christian response to mass shootings.

"Why do people find their end in the murder of others?"

And then he goes deeper:

November 03, 2017

Hillary Clinton's Violation of Election Fraud Law Carries Possible 10 Year Prison Sentence

According to their own testimonies, it seems that Both Donna Brazile and Elizabeth Warren helped to deceive all of the Democrat Party into thinking that Hillary Clinton was a good candidate, while both of them have recently confessed that they knew Clinton had personally controlled the primaries and rigged the vote against Bernie Sanders, resulting in his loss to Clinton. Brazile and Warren did not blow the whistle when they knew of a crime. Rather, they supported the charade. 
This could give a whole new meaning to the "I'M WITH HER" campaign slogan. This implies their possible complicity in election fraud. And their recent confessions imply that they want to try to distance themselves from serious crimes and place all of the blame on Hillary Clinton. 
While the political activism and momentum against President Trump is focused on alleged "Russian collusion" in the presidential election, the very same arguments used against Trump probably carry more weight against Hillary Clinton. The evidence of collusion against Trump, by comparison, is actually very weak. It's truly appalling to see the lack of investigative journalism and objective coverage of these subjects by the mainstream news, but laws are laws and we can view the opinions of legal experts on these subjects to help answer the questions: What are the specific election laws that Hillary Clinton might have violated? What is the possible prison term for Hillary Clinton for election fraud?

The following analysis by Lorraine C. Minnite sheds some light on election fraud:

November 01, 2017

Chuck Schumer's Flawed Response to the N.Y.C. Muslim Jihad Truck Attack Explained

The vehicular slaughter yesterday in Manhattan of eight random people was performed by Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, that screamed "Allahu akbar!," which is translated as, “God is great!” and, in light of the fact that I will probably be labeled as a "hater" for pointing out an objective fact, only people with Islamic beliefs say this phrase when they kill people. A note was later discovered that outlined the attack was carried out in the name of ISIS and it was announced that long-term planning was behind the attack. I pray that God brings healing to those mourning and suffering as victims and I also pray that leaders have insight and wisdom towards addressing this type of issue.

This person entered the U.S. with a visa based on N.Y. Senator Chuck Schumer's intent to bring in more "diversity" to the U.S. and immigrants from any and all countries, even with high populations of Muslim extremists, with no special terrorist vetting. But does the applicant have a job? That apparently is a more important question for Chuck for immigrants. The need for more serious and practical wisdom on terrorism, however, was highlighted by President Trump's response to the act of terror:

"The terrorist came into our country through what is called the 'Diversity Visa Lottery Program,' a Chuck Schumer beauty. I want merit based," Trump tweeted. "We are fighting hard for Merit Based immigration, no more Democrat Lottery Systems. We must get MUCH tougher (and smarter)."

Despite the fact that the killer came into the country through Schumer's own policy, Schumer does not accept any responsibility. There would have been no attack if Schumer had not authored his lottery visa program. Instead of accepting appropriate responsibility as a genuine leader, Schumer is immediately demanding that President Trump and the U.S. continue to back Schumer's ideologies and illogical policies.
According to Daily News, Chuck Schumer's money hole for "anti-terror funds" is titled the Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) and is mainly an after-the-fact emergency response:

“In particular, New York uses its UASI funding to pay for first responder training efforts, like the FDNY’s Tiered Response Training and the NYPD’s Counter-Terrorism Training.”

October 27, 2017

Kaepernick's Confusion: LGBT and Islamo-Leftist Values Aren't Exactly Harmonious

Colin Kaepernick's website helps to explain a lot of the confusion and misunderstanding surrounding the NFL anthem protests. In a previous post, I outlined five reasons why the NFL protests are illogical. And in this post, I'll highlight the ideological self-contradictions of Kaepernick's activism.

In the Gospel of Mark 3:25, Jesus states, "If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand." (NIV)

If the foundation is self-contradictory, any doctrine, movement or activism based on that foundation is bound to ultimately bring about chaos and discord. Islamo-leftism is self-contradictory. Communism and Islam promoted together is self-contradictory. And highlighting wanted criminals and murderers as role models is not a good place to begin for offering role models to troubled inner-city youths.

In searching for some kind of foundation of thought or virtue at Kaepernick's website, there is nothing to find. The "About" drop-down tab of his website menu offers an image (webclip pictured) with one sentence of a description:


Likewise, the "About" page at his 'Know Your Rights Camp" offers a one-sentence description:

"OUR GOAL: To help build a stronger generation of people that will create the change that is much needed in this world."

While these sound like positive missions and goals, there is no actual information on how to "properly interact with law enforcement in various scenarios." And the outlining of basic constitutional rights, as suggested by the page on the youth camp. It is only by digging deeper that one can try to determine what "self-empowerment" means politically for Colin:

October 16, 2017

Movie “Fences” Points to Answer for Racism and True Nature of Ethics

The NFL anthem protests have highlighted how racism is still considered an important subject and the unassuming movie “Fences” (2016) produced by Denzel Washinton, and starring the same, offers some insights on the subject of racism and, more importantly, raises important questions about the nature of valid and reliable ethics in society.

Denzel Washington's and Viola Davis' acting were top-notch quality in this movie and worthy of academy awards in my opinion. The film has some serious adult-life themes in it, so it's probably not a good family movie for young children. But for a family with a mature teen, it seems like a helpful family movie. The family lessons are good for both parents and children. Though the underlying belief of God is evident in the family interactions and this belief culminates with a sense of conviction that God is truly alive and interacting with them, the sense of family redemption in the conclusion ultimately does not mention or do justice to the more important biblical personal redemption defined by Jesus in scripture.

Though racism is not the main theme of the movie, it's the foundation of Troy's bitterness, and serious unhealed wounds from this form the basis of the entire movie plot. The film shows how Troy's racial bitterness negatively influences himself and, therefore, has a negative influence on his family and their future. A portrait of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. hanging in their home hints at the true path towards addressing the problem of racism.

Apparently as a means of retaining some sense of meaningful morality outside of a full and wholehearted commitment to God, and as a protective mechanism to avoid further personal pain in life, Troy identifies a basic rule for his life and family that he strictly lives by, and that is simply to provide food and take care of the family's basic physical needs. However, as the movie progresses, it becomes obvious that this rule is enforced with a sense of strict and cold legalism and as an unwritten contract of required obedience within the family.

October 12, 2017

Harvey Weinstein and Hollywood's Redemption

"...but where sin increased, grace abounded all the more," (Romans 5:20b ESV)

Harvey Weinstein’s daughter called 911 on Wednesday morning out of desperate concern that her father was "depressed and suicidal" as sexual allegations continue to mount against him. We should probably pray that Weinstein has an epiphany about the reality of God and the need for salvation in Christ. Hollywood in general seriously needs an awakening and this is something that only God can do. As an extremely powerful producer and partner of Miramax, it is believed that Weinstein is just the tip of the iceberg regarding entrenched sexual abuse in this industry. And it is well known that Hollywood has a history of suicide and drug overdoses. But a recent film about Steve McQueen and testimonies by other actors show another side of Hollywood, a side of redemption.

September 25, 2017

NFL Hypocrisy and the Warped Ethics of the PC Anthem Protests

I have zero sympathies for the revenue losses of the NFL because of their extreme hypocrisy with regard to selectively enforcing their rules, especially with regard to offending veterans and the worship of their corporate sponsors and false politically-correct narratives as their highest good. For example, a study in 2016 by African American Harvard professor Roland G. Fryer, Jr. showed that there was no racial bias at all with regard to deaths and shootings by police. However, the main basis of the NFL protests is that there are systemic racial killings by the police. And so fallacious political correctness is at the root of the NFL anthem protests. In addition to hypocrisy, there are at least five illogical aspects of the NFL protests that I'll outline in this article. On a deeper level, there are forces intent on fragmenting and destroying the U.S. through exploiting such protests.

The most pronounced feature of the NFL protests might be the manner in which political correctness is being displayed as a divisive disease more so than as a helpful cure. People are being told what they are supposed to feel and how they are supposed to react based on the illogical actions of protesters. This entire spectacle is helping to show that true and valid ethics are not based merely on feelings, but must be based on facts in order to be valid and convincing. Many people that embrace relativist secular-atheist ethics and political correctness simply do not seem to understand that the toppling of statues, the rejecting of white professors at college, the demand for reparations for white privilege, kneeling for the anthem and flag, and the forcing of their PC opinion, in general, is a trend aimed ultimately towards the destruction of the United States and the removal of the very civil rights that it exploits and uses towards this end, as I'll show in this article.
In terms of NFL selective rule enforcement, some may remember that a Christian player, Redskins' quarterback Robert Griffin III (pictured), was basically forced to reverse his Christian T-shirt inside out for an off-field interview because there were explicit requirements to wear only Nike brand clothes. According to an eyewitness, "NFL Uniform Inspector Tony McGee (former Skins DE) approached Griffin...McGee told Griffin he couldn't wear the shirt because it wasn't a Nike product. Made him turn it inside out for the press conference." Player Ryan Kerrigan, at the same press conference, was wearing a non-Nike T-shirt that was not Christian and he was not confronted. Additionally, protests of the National Anthem and Flag are opposed by the rules, but the NFL commissioner basically defends the kneeling for the flag and anthem. But for some reason, simple decals of 9-11 tributes on clothes and tributes to murdered cops were forbidden by the NFL. And then you have the ridicule and harassment of Tim Tebow for kneeling to pray, whereas, kneeling in opposition to the anthem for political reasons is somehow supposed to be far superior.

By all accounts, the NFL is arbitrary in selecting which free speech rules it enforces and which it does not. Likewise, the praises and scandals are selectively promoted by the leftist media. The types of sponsor rules and overall reactions to player behavior ultimately seem to be dictated mainly by corporate sponsor greed, but also by some perceived politically correct need to appease the demands of only minority players. The NFL can seek to modify their player and sponsor rules if they want to, but they don't seem interested. If you look at the anthem rules and guidelines, these are completely ignored by the commissioner. Players are technically required to stand for the anthem. But perhaps since no sponsors and profits are immediately involved in this question, the NFL commissioner selectively ignores these guideline rules:

September 13, 2017

Christian Charities' CEO Salaries that Support Disaster Relief

The Daily Caller highlighted that “Christians Provide More Aid To Hurricane Victims Than FEMA” and this is a good thing. UMCOR was mentioned, which seems to be a top charity choice. Key questions for me are: Is the CEO salary reasonable? Is the money actually going to the cause? Is there transparency in the finances?

To gain some perspective, a list of mainly secular charities shows 17 CEO salaries of over $1-Million per year. While Franklin Graham's annual salary of $572,145. at Samaritan's Purse is merely half of this, it still seems excessive to me. The purse strings might be a little loose compared to the following five choices. The "Compensation of Leaders" section at Charity Navigator will the CEO salary if it is transparent and public.

1. World Relief (Evangelical relief agency)

Based in Baltimore, Maryland, this organization founded by the National Association of Evangelicals offers this as a mission introduction: "We believe God has equipped the church - the most diverse social network on the planet - to be at the center of these stories, leveraging time, energy and resources to join the vulnerable in their time of need..."

The President, CEO Stephan Bauman has a salary of $124,419. while the Senior Vice President of International Programs, Kevin Sanderson has an annual salary of $129,423. according to Charity Navigator.

This is a link to their hurricane relief page.

2. HOPE International (Christian micro-finance faith-based organization)

Based in Lancaster, PA, has a long-term mission “to invest in the dreams of families in the world’s underserved communities as they proclaim and live the Gospel,” HOPE International now operates in 16 underserved countries and has assisted hundreds of thousands of people through over 2.7 million loans. This linked post that they do not supply emergency relief, but long-term building assistance in places like Haiti after a hurricane in 2016.

The CEO / President Peter Greer receives an annual salary of $137,683 according to Charity Navigator and has their top rating of four stars.

3. Convoy of Hope (Non-denominational relief agency)

September 03, 2017



1. All doctrines that deny that the Lordship of Christ is at least one of any valid and prime basic motives for obeying Christ are false doctrines.

2. Christian Hedonism denies that the Lordship of Christ is at least one of any valid and prime basic motives for obeying Christ.

3. Therefore, Christian Hedonism is a false doctrine.

Is the ultimate basis of our worship and service of God feelings? Or simply who God is? It's who God is. Because God is manifold in his perfect majestic nature, there are many nuances in our relationship with God. Ultimately, knowing God, not feeling God, is the basis of eternal life:

“Now this is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.” (John 17:3, NIV)

God intends that we acknowledge Christ, in all that He is and represents, as the foundation of our lives and what we think and do. Our personal relationship with Christ is of utmost importance as a part of this foundation:

“For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ.” (1 Corinthians 3:11, NIV)

When feelings of LGBT physical attraction challenge Christ's definition of marriage between a man and a woman in people's minds, the choice is often not Christ's authority, but human desires. And the doctrine of Christian Hedonism by John Piper also bases moral decisions mainly on feelings, but feelings that are attuned to God. Feelings are emphasized in Piper's doctrine to the degree that simply obeying God's word towards honoring God's authority is not a valid and prime basis for obeying God, according to Piper.

To be clear, I'm not claiming that Piper consciously or intentionally denies Christ's authority, rather, I'm outlining that his doctrine is false because it denies that simply obeying Christ's authority is a properly basic and prime motive, in addition to other valid motives. The manner in which Piper changed the fulcrum of the SWC summary from "and" to "by" shows the resolute primacy of pleasure in his doctrine and how enjoyment negates any basic and prime sense of honor and duty towards God:

September 02, 2017


This message does not go over very well in our society that is based on seeking personal happiness as the highest human end. But it's an important subject. Let me be clear that I am not denying that we should find our greatest joy in God. Rather, that seeing God merely as a means to our greatest joy is not glorifying to God and is actually harmful to our relationship with God. Objectifying any person for the sake of pleasure necessarily diminishes the value of the relationship itself by comparison. If you embrace Piper's Christian Hedonism, I'd suggest that if you cannot disprove either of the points in the following argument then you should probably accept the conclusion as true. I understand that people, in general, do not have a lot of interest in logic. But it does help in order to test the validity of doctrine. I believe that the logic and form of this argument are airtight. If the premises are true and the form is valid, then the conclusion that follows must also be true. That's the beauty of the syllogistic form.

September 01, 2017

The Nashville Statement - A Response to Totalitarian Secularism

The Nashville Statement is a recent declaration created to be affirmed by Christians that believe in and support the traditional biblical descriptions of ethical sexual relationships, even as confirmed by Jesus Christ Himself. A key goal by the organizer of the event was outlined by Jim Denison: “It was our aim to say nothing new, but to bear witness to something very ancient.” The increasings threat against traditional views was summarized by the following somewhat euphemistic quote in the preamble:

"This secular spirit of our age presents a great challenge to the Christian church."

Jim Denison highlighted a quote by Albert Mohler, one of the authors: “It would be much easier to be quiet, to let the moral revolution proceed unanswered, and to seek some kind of refuge in silence or ambiguity.”

Well, getting into specifics, we live in a society that is increasingly governed by subjective secular emotive ethics, and harsh penalties if you don't happen to agree with that. The Nashville Statement is a defense, not an attack. If a person "self-identifies" as any particular gender, then not using the "correct" PC gender pronoun, that is, other than the "incorrect" biological birth gender, can result in jail time for committing a hate crime. In ancient Roman times, Nero would use true Christians unwilling to compromise as human torches. But we are only in the first stages of this current trend. Jesus predicted that things would become progressively worse.

The Nashville Statement addresses behavior and not the important foundation of ethics. It appears to be more of a line in the sand than light in the darkness or a topic for discussion. This is one of the problems of society today, a lack of discussion on logical foundational ideas. Ethical decisions are increasingly shallow, emotive and reactionary. The Nashville Statement is not likely to slow down the rush to bully and criminalize anyone that believes in religious freedom of conscience. And without a spiritual awakening, deep changes and increased ethical literacy in society are not likely.

In choosing authors of the Nashville Statement, it would've probably been wiser to enlist teachers that employ more logic in assessing doctrine and ethics. For example, Greg Koukl shows basic understanding that Christian essentialism is an important understanding in ethics: "Morality is grounded in the immutable character of God, who is perfectly good. His commands are not whims, but rooted in His holiness." When properly understood, Christianity offers the most cohesive and logical explanation of ethics.

August 22, 2017

Video: Car Attacked Before Ramming Crowd vs. The Narrative

A rare video capture of the Charlottesville ramming incident shows James Fields's car moving slowly and then suddenly being hit very hard by a man with a metal pole before Fields speeds up and hits the crowd. The fact that he was able to hit the back of the car implies that the car was moving slowly when the counter-protester swung the pole. The fact that the pole did not snap indicates that it was probably metal. This all has incredible implications and completely disrupts the false narrative being widely promoted.

I'm not justifying what James Fields did. Even if he feared for his life, that is no excuse for recklessly speeding on a crowded street. But based on this video, there should not have been metal poles or weapons allowed, there should not have been cars driving through angry mobs, and there should not have been antifa and alt-right groups mixing together. These were combined as a recipe for disaster.

If you look for this video at mainstream news sites, you probably won't find it. I saw on the Internet the first day or so after the Charlottesville demonstration and death occurred on August 12, 2017, and have not seen it referenced by any mainstream news source. This video is important, though, because it disrupts the narrative that a white supremacist came to the rally with the premeditated intention of ramming the crowd and it actually underscores that the mayor might hold a great deal more responsibility than initially claimed. I am personally neither alt-right nor antifa, and neither republican, nor democrat, but I do not like to see the country being ripped apart based on false narratives.

The most important video of Charlottesville and James Fields' Car:

August 18, 2017

They Should Probably Replace Confederate Statues With Margaret Sanger Statues

There is a statue of a woman that did her best to exterminate all "negroes" through eugenics abortion and her statue is sitting in the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery, that of Margaret Sanger. Her horrific racist goals and quotes are far more egregious than anything Robert E. Lee ever offered. So, where is the angry mob? Oh, wait. She is a demigod that is still being worshipped despite her reprehensible racism.

For every Confederate statue that is removed we should probably set up a statue of Margaret Sanger in its place so that we can display the true heroes of those that dictate the cultural imperative today in the U.S. Shouldn't there be some honesty regarding the true beliefs of the cultural elite while we are on the subject of statues and heroes?

August 16, 2017

There Can Be No 'Hate On Both Sides' In A Totalitarian State

The war of words just keeps on getting escalated. I wonder what the statue of Vladimir Lenin in Washington would say if it could talk? Apparently, statues are extremely powerful all of a sudden and must be immediately destroyed. But what about old Vlad? There are no calls for the destruction of Lenin's statue as a symbol of repressive totalitarianism and mass killings of innocent people, outside of the ethics of war. Perhaps his views are a little too close to Barack Obama's and Hillary Clinton's? We know now that Hillary was a major fan of Saul Alinsky and that there are at least 22 ways that Obama's America was more in keeping with a socialist state than with U.S. principles.

President Trump's comment that there were hate and blame on "both sides" and "many sides' of the clashes at Charlottesville, Virginia has become a lightening rod used by CNN and other MSM news outlets to keep the attacks on President Trump coming. The fact that Wes Bellamy, the Vice-Mayor of Charlottesville, holds very anti-white sentiments and was instrumental in fomenting a violent situation holds no value for the narrative. Some people actually believe that African Americans cannot be racist because they believe that only whites can be racist. I'm not kidding. This is just the beginning of the many issues that should probably be discussed. Another issue is the gross negligence of Mayor Mike Signer in his oversight of this volatile event.

Contrary to CNN, it's not "stunning" or "remarkable" for Trump to point out that there's hate on both sides and blame for the violence in Charlottesville on both sides of the conflict. Groups of people from both sides basically came ready for a fight, if not looking to start a fight. And both sides made racist comments. The roots of racism are based on both false concepts and ingrained bitterness and ideally these types of issues would be addressed towards healing and unity. Racism is slavery of the mind. And one of the basic needs is to address any denial of racist bitterness and to heal its roots. A war of words will not address the root and will only escalate into more violence. But discussion, healing, peace, and unity are not a part of the progressive agenda.

August 15, 2017

Truth is Made Perfect in Love

Over 50 years ago Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. commented on the racial divide in the American church: "It is appalling that the most segregated hour of Christian America is 11 o'clock on Sunday morning…,". With the problem of racism in America being highlighted from both the left and the right, it can't hurt to look into this issue.

There've been improvements since King made his famous quote on the lack of diversity in U.S. churches, but where are we now? Maybe the question of racism in general for Christians is a good one to reflect on. I'm more interested in raising a dialogue than in making dogmatic claims.

Questions on racist "white privilege" suggest that whites should ensure equality and a level playing field. However, is the demand for repayment of white privilege realistic? Is this more of a sign that there is a bitterness that is unresolved and needs healing?

To one degree or another, I believe that there is some deep underlying bitterness from slavery and the U.S. Civil War that is in need of healing, just as there's also long-standing nationalistic and cultural bitterness in other countries, such as between Ukrainians and Russians.

As far as whites are concerned, there's some cultural racism passed down from generation to generation that is based on false concepts and this probably will only become increased by vandalism, anarchy and the tearing down of Confederate monuments.

While there are no simple answers or easy solutions, Scripture offers wise counsel on the subject of racism and I believe that Starlette McNeill offers good points on this issue, such as this one:

"How we continue to believe that we are worshipping “in spirit and in truth” while maintaining the racialized desires of our heart in God’s holy temple is a question worthy of discussion."

August 14, 2017

Wes Bellamy's Racist Tweets and Quotes

Well, if it seems that a civil war is being agitated in places like Charlottesville, Virginia, we might as well look into who personally is being used as a tool for this. I'd written posts on the underlying causes of racism recently. But it can be helpful to know which politicians are most provoking antagonism and violence in Charlottesville. The web-clip of the Charlottesville government site was taken when this post was written, showing Bellamy still sitting as a public servant in Virginia, despite his incredibly anti-white racist Tweets. This underscores that Charlottesville, Virginia harbors a very anti-white bias in its politicians.

As the MSM news has been harping away on talking points regarding everyone except for those that are actually vocally racist and agitating unrest, let's take a look at who is really responsible behind the scenes, let's take a look at Wes Bellamy, the Vice-Mayor of Charlottesville. Based on his self-published quotes, he harbors extreme racism against white people. The language isn't any worse than the average Hollywood movie, but I feel that I should offer a language warning because of the vulgarity of Bellamy's Tweets.

This link describes the background how there were two votes in which Bellamy and Kristen Szakos lost twice in their attempts to remove a statue of Robert E. Lee. Because each vote was a tie, 2 to 2, the statue would stay based on the representative system. But that was not good enough for Bellamy, who apparently continued to oppose the vote results and would not accept the decisions.

The MSM news has been promoting a narrative that white supremacists were responsible for violence in Charlottesville. But, apparently, the main issue originally was simply based on whether to allow the Confederate statue of Lee to remain, which is also an issue of historicity and not just simply a promotion of white supremacy.

The following Tweets were sourced from the Internet, and include link sources.

Racist and Misogynist Tweets by Bellamy: