December 22, 2011

A Good Example of Staying on the Right Path

A Russian commenter at my blog recently stated, "No one gets to run and win who will not play the game", referring to Ron Paul's run for the office of the US presidency.  People in former Soviet countries don't realize that government without deep-seated corruption is possible, though rare, as was exemplified historically in the life of Abraham Lincoln, also known as "Honest Abe." Today, testimonies about Ron Paul's life echo Lincoln's life-long testimony of honesty and integrity, as outlined in the embedded video: "Ron did not let Washington change him." And, "It's not hard for someone is a Christian who truly believes to stay on the right path."

The pressure to conform to the corruption in the world is nothing new. The Apostle Paul wrote "Do not be conformed to this world" (Romans 12:1-2) but, rather, he said, offer your lives to God in submission to the truth of God's ways. Though none of us is perfect, as believers with God's Spirit dwelling in us we have a 'higher power' which is greater than the power of sin. Ron Paul is a good example of this higher power seen in a practical sense as a positive influence in the world.

As Christians we are called to be salt and light in the world. Sometimes in our politically-correct society we can succumb to the pressure to be silenced as a positive influence, whether it be as a blogger in fear of supporting a politically-incorrect position, or speaking about an injustice we may see in the daily routine of our lives. We can each ask ourselves, "Am I living as salt and light in the sphere God has called me into? Am I open to taking risks, or am I living in the fear of man?" The US is presently on a wide path of destruction and only one candidate seems to be interested in addressing the deeper issues of corruption that need to be addressed. Any candidate who represents serious change is aggressively opposed by the establishment. This has been demonstrated by the MSM's treatment of Ron Paul. Ron Paul is a good example we can be encouraged by.  His courageous determination not to conform to the corruption in Washington and to stand up to establishment icons involves great risk and we as Christians can assist him with our manifold support and prayers

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