January 15, 2012

Blog's Most Encouraging News and Posts of 2011

With so much uncertainty and negative news in the world today, it's important to take time to focus on uplifting news as well as critical news. The following five stories highlight positive Christian news posted at this blog in 2011:

1. In August 2011, researchers affirmed the serious negative health effects of bitterness. This news helped confirm the previously reported powerful health effects of forgiveness, which in turn helps to confirm the truth of the gospel. The beauty and challenge of forgiveness are highlighted in the Christmas message, article linked.

2. A scientific study published November 23 highlighted how thankfulness leads to significant increases in health and happiness. This discovery runs counter to the evolutionary paradigm and helps support an evidential proof of God's existence, linked.

3. The top atheist apologist, Richard Dawkins, declined to debate the top Christian apologist, William Lane Craig. The debate challenge and reaction are noted in this article, linked. The fallout of the debate dodging is noted in this article, linked.

4. The top 20 atheist bloggers on the Internet declined a friendly challenge to refute a proof of God's existence by critiquing an article. Many atheists have attempted to refute the argument, but no effective challenges have been launched to date. The challenge is outlined in this article, linked.

5. The Bible was a high-trending subject in Google trends in 2011 when lead codices from the first century were discovered which support the historicity of the biblical record of Jesus Christ, in this article, linked.

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