January 01, 2012

Obama Signs NDAA on New Year's Eve: Welcome to Prison Fellowship!

Ron Paul's son, Senator Rand Paul, outlined how the NDAA 'Bill of Wrongs' helps destroy the Bill of Rights. Upon becoming President, Barack Obama had sworn to uphold the US Constitution. There are actual pictures and everything. However, on December 31, 2011,  Obama officially signed a bill effectively nullifying most of the important constitutional rights of US citizens.[1] So, as free citizens were enjoying the holidays with friends and family, or simply working hard to make ends meet, didn't something extremely serious just occur? Technically speaking, didn't Obama, our president, and our government we've entrusted to 'serve the people' just commit a serious act of tyranny or treason? What is the difference between tyranny and treason?

Tyranny, treason and totalitarianism

Pastor John Stormer published a book in 1964, "None Dare Call it Treason," that documents the gradual hijacking of the United States by those that wish to overthrow it, and it's subject matter is just as poignant today. Tyranny is when a government's highest leader and inner circle attempt to obtain absolute power over people that has not been granted by constitutional means. Treason relates to the overthrow or destruction of an existing government system. From the perspective of political philosophy, many historians have noted that free society requires a morally grounded people in order to function. However, a morally relative society leads to an increasingly corrupt society, which requires increasingly totalitarian control. And it can be a big problem when the leaders attempting to control the corruption are more corrupt than the general population. But this is the way it always seems to end up when a socialist-communist overthrow occurs that elevates secular humanist collectivism and persecutes freedom-loving citizens.

Though there have been more subtle actions of tyranny and treason in distant US history, they pale in comparison with actions taken since September 11, 2001. A brief look through the History Commons website data will show that the central tenets of  'The Patriot Act' were conceived as far back as 1996.[2] The civil rights abuses of the Patriot Act plus the abuses of the State Secrets Privilege Act helped destroy the checks and balances of the US government and placed insiders, to a large extent, effectively above the law.[3] In May of 2007,  President George W. Bush approved new martial law powers enabling any US president to have dictatorial authority in case of a subjectively defined crisis.[4] President Obama's signing of the NDAA was icing on the cake. Considering all these acts in keeping with the definitions of tyranny and treason, and the totalitarian state they promise, why do I feel as though there should be a bit more of a reaction from people? Unfortunately, for a lot of Americans, as long as Monday Night Football is still on Monday night, then nothing of real importance has changed.

Bungling bipartisan senators have claimed that the language of the NDAA was confusing and they didn't really know exactly what they were approving. Obama said that he didn't really agree with everything in the bill, but, well, he felt the need to sign it anyway because the military really needed the money badly.

Obama attempted to offer a nuance of democracy, if ever so slight and pathetic, by adding a 'signing statement.' Michel Chossudovsky of Global Research pointed out: "The controversial signing statement (see transcript below) is a smoke-screen. Obama says he disagrees with the NDAA but he signs it into law."[5] The NDAA basically authorities the arbitrary and indefinite military detention of American citizens. Seeing as the US has officially become a Fascist police state overnight, why is it that so many Christians are apathetic to this?

Why have US Christians been so apathetic?

There are many reasons why believers become apathetic. The book of Revelation outlines the example of a a prominent End Times church, The Laodicean Church, that emphasizes comfort. My friends in Ukraine see this as one of the main reasons why the US body of believers is apathetic. It has gradually become The Church of First Comfort and Entertainment.Another reason is that the non-profit status mechanism has muzzled the church politically. Pastors are afraid to make one political comment because they are afraid of losing their non-profit status which would affect their financial income. This is blackmail in a sense. A third reason is that many US Christians are simply in a state of denial regarding the true depth of political corruption in the US and it is too painful to reconcile the America they grew up knowing and loving with the actual state of affairs. It's less painful simply to ignore what is happening and to watch mainstream news which never uncovers the important facts about what is transpiring.

Some political hope remains

All I can say is RIP 'America the Beautiful' if Ron Paul should not win the next presidential election. He seems to be the only candidate interested in repealing unconstitutional and totalitarian laws  It's past time to wake up America. It's now or never. Please vote for Ron Paul while there is still a semblance of a democratic process remaining. Ron Paul enjoys a wide support base because both liberals and conservatives recognize the importance of basic civil rights. People have been lining up to live in the US, to a large extent, because of our excellent constitution. But unjustified and arbitrary armed raids on legal dairy farmers and businesses have increasingly shown that the Federal Government has been exceeding its constitutional authority.[6]

Is America now officially a police state? According to Webster's Dictionary, a police state is noted for "repressive government control" an "arbitrary exercise of power" and the use of "secret police" in place of the "regular operation of administrative and judicial organs" versus "publicly known legal procedures."[7] This new bill could be called a number of things. The NDAA bill could be called The Police State Bill, The Perpetual Martial Law Bill, The Gulag Bill, The Camp FEMA Bill, etc. In any event, when you have to be groped and felt up every time you want to travel, when your passport has a GPS tracking RFID chip, when Internet surveillance, wiretapping and public video cams are the norm, aren't we already living in a prison-like environment?

The hope of Christians always remains

Should Ron Paul not win the 2012 presidential election, all hope is not lost. Ultimately, we Christians do not place all of our hope in a political system or a political representative, but in the goodness of the living God. We can be encouraged by God's word and God's presence at all times. Our optimism is based on the knowledge that God will bring about His perfect will. And, no matter how grim the situation may appear, God is orchestrating the broad view of history. This is exemplified by the fulfilled prophecies in scripture.
[8] In more recent history, God has been preparing Christians for a new kind of ministry. If the United states has already technically become a police state, and you are doing any kind of Christian ministry in the US, then, technically, you are doing a form of prison ministry. I write this tongue in cheek, with a sense of irony, but, the fact is, literal prison ministry may very well become our main ministry by default.
Welcome to Prison Fellowship!
I wrote in a previous article how true Christians are presently defined by the US government as "right-wing extremists" and terrorist threats simply because of what we believe.[9] Simply by speaking up for truth and justice we are considered a political threat. It seems that we may be joining Chuck Colson n in his Prison Fellowship ministry sooner rather than later. Chuck founded the largest prison ministry in the world after he himself had served time for the Watergate scandal. On the bright side, the Apostle Paul enjoyed some of his most effective Christian ministry work while he was a prisoner. In his End of Year Message, Colson reminds us that the light and life of God's Spirit transcends our physical circumstances. His description of his wife is reminiscent of the joy the Apostle Paul described while writing his letter to the Philippians from prison: "When I first met Debbie, I distinctly remember how her face bore the scars from serving time. Yet, I saw a radiant joy in her expression."[10]

A good movie to help prepare for End Times prison ministry is the movie "Six: The Mark Unleashed" (2004) starring Stephen Baldwin. It's somewhat of a low-budget Christian film, but it does offer a biblical perspective of life under the anti-Christ system we are rapidly heading towards. I'm a pre-trib rapture kind of guy, but, just in case you are a skeptical atheist reading this, and you've noticed a lot of people have suddenly disappeared off the face of the earth (and not because of NDAA renditions), then this video maybe helpful for you after you repent and become a Christian. We purchased a copy of this film in Ukraine with Russian translation.

For Christians who are not very interested in prison ministry, you may be wondering, "Do they have TV in prison?" Rest assured, television is presently considered a part of recreation and most prisons offer television. So, when the government arrests you for being a Bible-believing Christian, you will be able to continue watching Monday Night Football, don't worry. If you are not a Christian, you may want to reconsider that moral relativism is not only a bad foundation for society, there are reasons to show why moral relativism is not true and why objective morality does in fact exist.[11]


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