April 27, 2012

New Cash Ban: The Trend Continues

Spain is now banning the use of cash for transactions over 2,500 Euros. The idea is to stop losses from a growing black market economy and tax evaders. This trend began in Greece. Beginning January 1, 2011, transactions above 1,500 Euros have been considered illegal if done in cash in Greece. All things considered, it seems that the world is heading towards an inevitable total ban on cash.

Many countries have problems with increasing black-market economies and this ban on large cash transactions seems to be one that will be on the increase as the world economy continues to weaken. Also, more and more are turning to electronic and digitized purchases on the Internet through Paypal or credit cards. Having lived in Ukraine for 10 years, I can testify that there is a large black market economy there. Most daily business transactions in that country are in cash, but receipts are rarely if ever used for smaller purchases. A cashless society would bring in huge state revenues in countries such as Ukraine.

If you are familiar with key biblical prophecies of the last days, you are probably familiar with Revelation 13.16-17, which outlines what appears to be a cashless, digital society:

"And he causeth all both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name." (Revelation 13.16-17) KJV 

In accordance with this prophecy, another trend that tandems the decreasing use of cash is the increasing development and use of sophisticated technology related to RFID microchip implants and electronic tattoos for both the hand and the forehead. United States hospitals are being used to a large extent as environments for testing and developing this new technology.

Financial purchases are only one aspect of the RFID technology. Medical records (including blood type and special needs), security clearances, travel history, criminal history, outstanding tax debts... These are additional reasons why governments and, in some cases, individuals would be willing to use an RFID chip. Cash is only one aspect of the equation, but if RFID chips are used, then there is no practical need for cash.

Many countries today are facing the possibility of complete economic default. Historically, economic defaults have accompanied the complete restructuring of national finances. On August 17, 1998, for example, the Russian financial crisis (also called the "Ruble crisis") resulted in the sudden devaluation of the ruble. People were unprepared and shocked that the paper money simply lost its value. The new bills looked similar to the old ones, but with three figures missing, three zeros. Five-thousand ruble notes became five-ruble notes. This equaled about 85 cents, USD. Instead of new paper money, this time around countries may just decide to go cashless if there is a default. With regard to economies, there is not very much certainty. But with regard to the word of God, certainty, hope, peace and a multitude of benefits are to be found.

I first noted Spain's cash ban news at Real News Reporter

'No Cash Accepted' sign image from Collapse Prepare

(revised 04/28/12)

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  1. I don't agree with your analysis of Revelation 13, for several reasons. First, I don't think credit cards can really be considered a "mark". Second, I'd say we're moving more toward a society in which everything will be purchased online, with no card at all; and eventually everything will be free (yes, a number will be involved, but it won't be 616 or 666). Third, nothing would stop us from buying and selling with each other using whatever kind of currency we want - currency only has value if we all agree that it does.

    I put up my response to your argument, by the way. You can check it out here: http://dubitodeus.wordpress.com/2012/04/26/rick-wardens-argument-for-theism/

    1. Part 1

      Hi Robert,

      I just tried to post a comment at your Wordpress Blog, but there was no sign that my reply was received. If both comments are in your spam folder, please select only this second version as a reply...

      You wrote:

      "His (I) is correct – any logical system will take for granted that certain formulas are true; these are called the axioms of the system. But his support for this is mistaken. A syllogism does not need the existence of universal truth, because the syllogism is only valid within one system. If you take a syllogism formulated in classical logic which uses the law of non-contradiction as a premise, and translate it into a paraconsistent logic, that syllogism will no longer be valid."

      1. "A syllogism does not need the existence of universal truth, because the syllogism is only valid within one system."

      To justify your comment, Robert, you bring up paraconsistent logic, which addresses situations that are seemingly inconsistent and may even seem absurd. I believe this is a good point for consideration, but I would offer a different interpretation. I would offer that the viability of paraconsistent logic does not undermine the need for presupposed absolute truth and validity in formal syllogisms, but, rather, paraconsistent logic itself presupposes that the same underlying consistency of absolute truth exists. In what way? Like syllogistic logic, paraconsistent logic uses mathematical principles and equations to express claims. Take examples of Lukasiewicz logic, for example:

      Łukasiewicz logic

      ...and an implication connective → with truth degree function

      u → v = min {1, 1−u + v}.


      At the above website are many mathematical examples and equations of many-valued logic. In each example, an absolute and perfect condition is expressed with an = sign. Though the results of the variables have "many values" so to speak, not just "true" and "false," the fact is, these equations are consistently and mathematically "explainable" and help to show that multi-valued logic is in fact in harmony with an absolute universal, unchanging, timeless aspect of existence.

      You have brought up a very good point, Robert, and I would like to adjust my article on identity, logic and physics with this in mind...

  2. Hi Robert,

    Financial purchases are only one aspect of the RFID technology. Medical records, including blood type and special needs, security clearances, travel history, criminal history, outstanding tax debts...

    These are additional reasons why governments and, in some cases, individuals would be willing to use an RFID chip. Cash is only one aspect of the equation, but if RFID chips are used, then there is no practical need for cash.

    Thanks for your link. I'm traveling, but I'll definitely look into it.

  3. No surprise that you twist what Revelation actually says.
    The word used for "mark" ('charagma') actually denotes something like a tattoo (a stamp or imprinted mark, such as the brand used on horses). This bears no resemblence to an implanted RFID chip.

    Also, the next passage states
    Rev 13:17 "And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name."
    Which claims that everyone will have the same mark/tattoo - either the name of number of "Beast".
    This is completely opposite to RFID chips (and other forms of identification) which only have use if they're all unique.

    So no Rick, RFID chips, online purchases, etc are not event remotely evidence for the "truth" of Revelation or the Christian end times.

  4. This is a blog spam-filter reply,

    In the interest of avoiding comment moderating for all comments, and for the reasons stated below, I've found it most unprofitable to attempt to engage in civilized discourse with the commenter named Havok.

    Beginning in December 2011, Havok became so frustrated with his lack of answers that all he could do was to post unsubstantiated slander against me. He claimed, for example, that I ignored or did not adequately address valid critiques of articles, such as, "How Identity, Logic and Physics prove God's Existence". However, Havok has yet to provide one such referenced example.

    Instead of apologizing, he continues to post more unsubstantiated lies and slander.

    Havok also continues to insist that I am "lying" about Richard Dawkins. I have clearly described why Dawkins is shown to be cautiously open-minded towards the moral viability of eugenics in an article,"How Richard Dawkins' Evolution Justifies Racism and Genocide" (VI. Richard Dawkins' moral relativism and views on eugenics).  If a third person, a civilized person, believes that Havok has offered a valid argument, I would be willing to entertain it. In any event, Havok is a good object lesson. His consistent slander and lies demonstrate that the sin nature is alive and well, though atheists such as Havok will continue to deny that it exists.

  5. Considering that events of Book of Revelations were supposed to come to pass within the lifetime of Jesus' followers (and, quite obviously, didn't), I think you'll excuse me, Mr. Warden, if I remain utterly underwhelmed with your "revelation".

    1. when you interpret prophecy, be aware that timing is relative, even as Einstein demonstrated. The word "soon" may mean the next dispensation, not the next day. Revelation 1.19 offers an outline of the book of Revelation. The "things to come" must not refer to the time of Jesus because John wrote Revelation as the last surviving apostle when he was imprisoned on the isle of patmos, long after Jesus' had ascended.

    2. I'm not referring to the multiple uses of the word "soon" alone, Mr. Warden. I'm referring to multiple variations of phrases like "all these things shall come upon this generation" and "there be some of them that stand here, which shall not taste of death, till they have seen the kingdom of God come with power"

      It is clear then that in this context "soon" most assuredly doesn't mean "within next 2000 years".

      (and when I said "Jesus' followers" I meant first generation Christians, not just apostles. I apologize if I was unclear on that)

  6. I'm convinced that the POPE is the BEAST with TWO HORNS. Also the image of the beast with seven heads ten horns and ten crowns is the EUROPEAN UNION. The Charagma is the EURO. 500,000,000 souls now use the new AUTHORIZED EURO (charagma)because the member states have abolished their national currencies. AUTHORIZED EUROPEAN UNION I.D. charagma "in hand", AUTHORIZED MONEY(EURO) charagma "in hand",AUTHORIZED SECRET PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION NUMBER a.k.a. P.I.N. "in hand " or "in head" personally authorizing transfer of authorized money(charagma). That is the I.D.,the money,or the number either "in hand" or "in head". Just backing up a bit, the little horn is the State of Vatican City and the three horns picked up are 1.Italy under Mussolini,2.Germany under Hitler and 3. Spain under Franco. The BEAST with TWO HORNS is the POPE. He is the HEAD of STATE of TWO SEPARATE and SOVEREIGN entities.Horn 1.The HOLY SEE is a KINGDOM and Horn 2.The STATE OF VATICAN CITY is a COUNTRY. The EUROPEAN UNION was born in ROME the place of the BEAST with TWO HORNS and the whore MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH on the ANNUNCIATION OF THE BIRTH(Roman Catholic holiday) March 25,1957 signing of the TREATY OF ROME which is the birth of the image with life (eikon with pneuma). Peter the APOSTLE called ROME BABYLON. ROME is where the sixth king, the one that now is was located! ROME is that great city that reigns over the kings of the earth where the BABYLON WHORE is. ROME is where the POPE FATHER and BABYLON WHORE MOTHER is. The image speaks from the TOWER OF BABEL (BABYLON) which is the lawful seat of the EUROPEAN UNION PARLIAMENT. The EUROPEAN UNION has issued its own "NEW" AUTHORIZED MONEY(CHARAGMA)the EURO ,500,000,000 individuals use it or they can't "buy or sell" in the EUROPEAN UNION. The EUROPEAN UNION flies a "QUEEN OF HEAVEN" flag! It was taken from REV.12:1 the woman with the crown of twelve stars believed by the ROMAN CATHOLICS to be MARY, QUEEN OF HEAVEN. The current EUROPEAN UNION flag was adopted unanimously by the COUNCIL OF EUROPE on DEC.8,1955. DEC.8th is another ROMAN CATHOLIC holiday,THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION OF MARY,QUEEN OF HEAVEN. The Council of Europe issued a poster showing the TOWER OF BABEL penetrating the stars of the QUEEN OF HEAVEN along with the phrase, Europe: many tongues one voice. This is a depiction of the EUROPEAN UNION as being a "UNION" between BABYLON and the QUEEN OF HEAVEN!!! The ONE VOICE of the IMAGE (REV.13) comes from the TOWER OF BABEL the lawful seat of the EUROPEAN UNION PARLIAMENT!!!!!!!The causal relationship between the BEAST with TWO HORNS and the PEOPLE concerning the EUROPEAN UNION is their commonly shared beliefs.These are manifested with WORSHIP of the BEAST with TWO HORNS the POPE! The same WORSHIP is repeated in the E.U. QUEEN OF HEAVEN flag and adoption date and exact location and date of the signing of the TREATY OF ROME on March 25,1957, the ANNUNCIATION OF THE BIRTH which is the ANNUNCIATION OF THE BIRTH OF THE EUROPEAN UNION! The BEAST with TWO HORNS caused the PEOPLE to MAKE the EUROPEAN UNION and it is HIS.The EUROPEAN UNION belongs to the POPE! The EUROPEAN UNION is HIS IMAGE of the beast with seven heads ten horns and ten crowns!!!! PEOPLE WORSHIP THE BEAST AND HIS IMAGE!!!!!! It is the EUROPEAN UNION and the EURO is the charagma. WILLIAM L. IRWIN

  7. William,

    You may be onto something there. Keep the faith.

    EUterus and the Rebirth of a Global Dictatorship


  8. Wouldn t the US dollar be the "charagma", since it is the most widespread money in the world, stored by every major center bank and used to trade most primary goods? And the pope clearly lacks the authority and charisma to be the antichrist

    Though, the beauty of those vague predictions is that almost any politician or country falls into the picture 8)

  9. P.S. The European Parliament seat is in Brussels not in Rome and you need to show how the Pope can rule the EU, when he cannot in any way influence the flimsy institutions, which can hardly keep the country-members together

  10. The lawful seat of the EUROPEAN UNION PARLIAMENT is located in Strasbourg,france. It is the LOUISE WEISS BUILDING aka EUROBABEL aka the TOWER OF BABEL! The VOICE of the IMAGE of REV.13 comes from the TOWER OF BABEL (BABYLON)!If anyone would like to see a copy of the now withdrawn INFAMOUS poster issued by the COUNCIL OF EUROPE google search "anno mundi european union road to Babylon". Click on the link an image of the poster will appear, click on it and it will enlarge so that the fine print can be read. Is the U.S.DOLLAR "charagma"? YES, but it is not the CHARAGMA of REV. All the EVIDENCE points right to ROME,the POPE,the EUROPEAN UNION and the EURO DOLLAR. Historically and factually everyone knows the POPE rules over EUROPE and he has done so for centuries. The main symbol the flag shows an obedience to the POPE of ROME. The TREATY OF ROME was signed on CAPTOLINE HILL,ROME in a large room that has two GIGANTIC POPE STATUES. The TREATY OF ROME was signed in between those two statues, one is of bronze the other is of marble on March 25, 1957 on the ROMAN CATHOLIC holiday of the ANNUNCIATION OF THE BIRTH. March 25th on the JULIAN CALENDAR(JULIUS CAESAR) was the VERNAL EQUINOX and was known as the MAGNA MATER (GREAT MOTHER) and also known as the HILARIA MATRIS DEUM (JOY OF THE MOTHER OF THE GODS). It was the ANNUNCIATION OF THE BIRTH OF THE SUN GOD. 9 months later on the JULIAN CALENDAR was the WINTER SOLSTICE known as SOL INVICTI(UNCONQUERABLE SUN). POPE GREGORY XIII made a calendar named after him called the GREGORIAN CALENDAR. March 25th instead of it being the ANNUNCIATION OF THE BIRTH OF THE SUN GOD was simply renamed the ANNUNCIATION OF THE BIRTH OF THE SON OF GOD. Dec.25th instead of it being the BIRTH OF THE SUN GOD was simply renamed and called the BIRTH OF THE SON OF GOD. The BEAST with TWO HORNS has taken a BABYLONIAN SOLAR RELIGION and called it CHRISTIANITY. I call it WHORE CHRISTIANITY. The people who spoke out against the ROMAN WHOREDOM were murdered! EUROPE is ROMAN CATHOLIC because they MURDERED everyone that opposed them during the ROMAN CATHOLIC INQUISITION. This left EUROPE with nothing but POPE RING KISSERS and COWARDS.MUSSOLINI,HITLER and FRANCO purged EUROPE of non ROMAN CATHOLICS especially communist people and of course the JEWS during the POPE CRUSADE called WORLD WAR 2! The POPE FEARED communism! MUSSOLINI,HITLER and FRANCO started the CRUSADE against COMMUNISM and blamed the JEWS for it! WORLD WAR 2 was a SATANIC attempt to exterminate the JEWS to keep the LORD from gathering them back to the LAND OF ISRAEL! END DAYS prophecy was fulfilled and ISRAEL became a nation in 1948(Gregorian)! The BEAST with TWO HORNS the POPE then CAUSED the PEOPLE to make the EUROPEAN UNION. It was born in ROME on the ANNUNCIATION OF THE BIRTH March 25,1957. It is the ANNUNCIATION OF THE BIRTH OF THE EUROPEAN UNION! It(E.U.)was born in ROME which was called BABYLON by the APOSTLE PETER. It(E.U.) speaks from the TOWER OF BABEL(BABYLON)! ROME is the place of the BEAST with TWO HORNS, the POPE(FATHER) and the whore MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH(MOTHER). ROME is the HOME of the FATHER and MOTHER the BIRTH place of the EUROPEAN UNION! This is not rocket science people. The PERSIANS (IRAN) no longer accept U.S.DOLLARS but they do accept the EURO DOLLAR. As I said earlier ALL the EVIDENCE points at ROME,the POPE,the EUROPEAN UNION and the EURO DOLLAR which is the CHARAGMA of REV.13. Islam and Whore Christianity are both of SATAN! They are part of a device forecast against the LORD and MAN used to gather nations against the LORD and ISRAEL ! The POLARIZING device has been used for centuries by SATAN to jockey the nations into position for the GREAT BATTLE. It has been CRUSADES of WHORE CHRISTIANITY and JIHADS of ISLAM for centuries. BOTH of them think they serve GOD but they really are of SATAN. Hordes of dupes collided against each other intentionally by SATAN in the NAME OF GOD! It is so EVIL I lack the ability to articulate it fully.William L. Irwin

    1. EUROPE is ROMAN CATHOLIC because they MURDERED everyone that opposed them during the ROMAN CATHOLIC INQUISITION.

      I'm sure that leaves a lot of surprised Swedes, Danes, Finns, Germans, Swiss, and Dutch, discovering that they were murdered during the Inquisition.

      I hate to break it to you, but caps lock doesn't make it true.

      And trust me, Mr. Irwin, Jews don't like being treated as tokens in some giant cosmic game of marbles, where you have to get as many of them to the Holy Land as possible.

    2. The Roman Catholics of EUROPE are amongst the most fiendish murdering,raping,lying,bastards this world has ever seen. Joseph Ratzinger avoided testimony in a sex scandal case by way of diplomatic immunity because he was made POPE! This guy Ratzinger was a former Hitler youth. It is estimated that in the United States of America since 1950 6,000 priests have raped 250,000 American children. Should I take consolation because it was only ROMAN CATHOLIC children getting RAPED by their priests????? I feel sorry for the Roman Catholic people because they are on the mushroom diet,kept in the dark and fed DUNG. Pedophile priests hiding and being protected and moved to new locations where they prey on more unsuspecting and trusting victims. The Roman Catholic Church is the scum of the earth and their leader is the biggest SCUMBAG of them all, yeah the PANZER POPE, the former HITLER YOUTH. Europe is a cesspool of humanity and anyone with any brains left a long time ago. You don't speak for the JEWS and as far as marbles go, you lost yours a long time ago! I wouldn't dirty myself by going to Europe. World War 1, World War 2, the Europeans are so crazy they should be locked up because they are a danger to themselves and others. Now they have rebuilt the TOWER OF BABEL. Look at the damage the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH has done in the U.S.A. Look at the damage the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH has done in EUROPE! Scholars estimate that 50,000,000 people died in the ROMAN CATHOLIC INQUISITION. The POPE says "I'm sorry",why can't we all just get along? That is like HITLER saying, "I'm sorry",why can't we all just get along? I wrote the whole world off,not just EUROPE. Surprised Europeans is nothing new, they get surprised every generation or so. The next surprise they have I'm sure will be a real whopper! It might not be so bad for them if they can only manage to get their heads out of their rear ends. Just for the record, it is the LAND OF ISRAEL not the holy land, UNDERSTAND, it's the LAND OF ISRAEL. We'll see how EUROPEANS deal with that whole JIHAD problem they have, AGAIN !!!!Maybe they should throw their QUEEN OF HEAVEN down the well to give the mystical imam something to do until he ushers in his HOLY JIHAD ! Maybe the EUROPEANS can bribe the PERSIANS with mucho EUROS! Whatever, the EUROPEANS already know what they can go do as far as I'm concerned. They have been doing it to themselves for a long time now and they are pretty good at it! Have a nice day. William L. Irwin

    3. You don't speak for the JEWS and as far as marbles go, you lost yours a long time ago!

      I have considerably more authority to speak for Jewish opinions on matters like this than you do, I suspect, Mr. Irwin, since you appear to be of the more radical Christian variety. Heretics and followers of false Messiahs don't get to speak for the people they split off from. ;)

      it is the LAND OF ISRAEL not the holy land,

      You don't get to define how other people use their terms, Mr. Raving Anti-Catholic/Anti-Muslim bigot.

      As for the rest of your nonsense -- I don't know where you get the idea I approve of the Catholic Church's doings in many areas. But clearly you failed to understand that there are many non-Catholics in Europe. Or else, in your paranoiac ravings, you write off entire continents, groups of people, and religions in order to feed your own self-righteous persecution complex.

      Rick, is this really the sort of person you want to associate yourself with as closely as you are?

  11. P.S., just for the record I never said the E.U. Parliament had its seat in ROME. I KNOW better. Europa on the bull is very much a part of the beast with seven heads ten horns and ten crowns. For it to be in the IMAGE of REV.13 which is an IMAGE of the beast with seven heads ten horns and ten crowns is completely understandable and should be EXPECTED! Europe got its name from EUROPA on the bull! The EUROPEAN UNION EURO DOLLAR (CHARAGMA)has stamped on it Europa on the bull. Europa on the bull is found on EUROPEAN UNION CHARAGMA and art work and statuary in and around EUROPEAN UNION buildings. Europa on the bull was a POPULAR belief in ROME. EUROPE is called EUROPA by the EUROPEANS. There is significant international trafficking by the MONEY LOVERS involving the EURO. William L. Irwin

  12. Hm...someone needs to take his medication, I think..

    1. Is that what the voices in your head are telling you to do? William L. Irwin

  13. Don't get me wrong! Everyone can believe what they want. You won't ever see me trying to stop anyone from practicing what they want. Feel free to hail mary or hail a taxi, whatever. Someone can whirl like a dervish, I don't care. If you want to believe you are the uncle of a monkey go right ahead. In America a famous preacher once said,"if GOD does not judge America he will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah"! I agree. Some may think they are left out let me clear that up right away. The entire earth is trash to me! Another thing, I NEVER CLAIMED TO BE GOOD OR ANY BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE. If you are looking for good don't look at me I ain't it. I will tell everyone this, all of you with few exceptions have been played for fools. Someone said, show how the POPE rules EUROPE. It is easy, religious MIND CONTROL. Multitudes frame their perception of reality based on the teachings of the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH whose leader is the POPE. This includes what year it is, what day it is, what is GODS will,what is right, what is wrong. This person, the POPE claims to represent GOD on earth. MULTITUDES "believe" and because they "believe him" they set him above themselves and this includes the kings of Europe. This is why the EUROPEAN UNION was born in ROME on a ROMAN CATHOLIC HOLIDAY. This is why the EUROPEAN UNION flies a QUEEN OF HEAVEN FLAG adopted by the COUNCIL OF EUROPE unanimously on a ROMAN CATHOLIC HOLIDAY.This signifies the POPES authority over the EUROPEAN UNION, this means the E.U. is HIS! It is HIS IMAGE of the beast with seven heads ten horns and ten crowns. People WORSHIP the BEAST with TWO HORNS the POPE and the WORSHIP is repeated in the EUROPEAN UNION which is HIS IMAGE because he RULES IT, he is the SPIRITUAL RULER OF THE EUROPEAN UNION. It is HIS he owns it, he caused it through HIS BELIEF SYSTEM which is BELIEVED BY THE PEOPLE! The WORSHIP of the POPE is also in the EUROPEAN UNION! ISLAM has its own brand of religious MIND CONTROL. WHORE CHRISTIANITY and ISLAM what a lovely couple. I hope they enjoy each others company. Don't fear I won't get in the way. Far be it from me to impose myself upon such esteemed guests. I hope they enjoy the party. I'm sure it will be a real BLAST! For all the AMERICAN voters out there, FLIP FLOP is the ONLY change YOU CAN BELIEVE IN. As Pilate washed his hands of the matter so I wash my hands of this world. Have a nice day. William L. Irwin

    1. The entire earth is trash to me!

      Thank you. Now we know we don't need to listen to anything else you have to say. We will give you the same respect you give the rest of the world.

    2. I don't care what you do. By the way who is "we"? Is the "we" your multiple personalities? do you suffer from multiple personality disorder? You speak only for yourself and I can see you don't even have the courage to do that either. "We" that's a good one! Do you feel psychologically stronger now? The old "we" trick, it is a major "tell". You are WEAK. I don't care what you and your imaginary "we" people do. I'm an easy going guy.That anonymous person was talking to you, you missed your meds, I think. I hope you and your "we" people get well soon. The POPE is the BEAST with TWO HORNS and the IMAGE of REV.13 is the entire EUROPEAN UNION. Please try not to be bitter and you can tell that to your "we" people too. Have a nice day, all of you. I can hardly keep myself from laughing even though it is so sad. Cry me a river, go tell it on the mountain. Try inventing an army next time, that will really impress the "we" people. William L. Irwin

  14. There are some really unstable characters out there. They have involved themselves in things that are beyond them and their ability to understand, never mind cope with without coming apart at the seams. Just to be clear I will say some things so that there is no doubt. If you want to be a Roman Catholic or a Muslim or a Baptist or an Atheist feel free, believe whatever you want. I'm not stopping you or anyone else from practicing what THEY CHOOSE. I am not a violent person. I don't care what anyone believes. Go ahead, knock yourself out! I will say this though. I TOLD YOU! Believe what I said or not, the choice is yours, as usual. My conscience is clear. I will say, I TOLD THEM them LORD. Then I will ask, did any heed the warning? So for all the hysterical fruitcakes out there, I'm not your enemy and I have no plans for being on the evening news either. The FEAR of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom. Don't fear me,I'm just telling you something that's all. Go ahead BELIEVE whatever you want. If you love this world here is what you can do with it, STICK IT! Have a nice day. William L. Irwin


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