April 12, 2012

Word Art Prints: Gifts for Christian Teachers

You may or may not be aware that Teacher Appreciation Day is coming up - May 8th in the US. You may also not be aware that Teacher Appreciation Day has become Teacher Appreciation Week - May 7th through May 11th. But even if Teacher Appreciation Day and Week were never initiated, it would be a good idea to show a little appreciation to teachers. This is also a biblical idea that applies to pastors, elders and teachers serving in the church.

1 Timothy 5:17 states,

Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honor, especially they who labor in the word and doctrine. (AKJV)

In 2011, I saw the documentary IndoctiNation and I realized how difficult it is for Christians with a conscience to work in public schools. You are basically required to live a secret life as a believer, to deny who you are, in order to appease the atheist system. Many Christian teachers have been fired while many others have chosen to leave the public schools for reason of conscience.

As film IndoctiNation displays, the crisis of conscience of working in public schools can become so extreme that it can bring some teachers to tears. These teachers see public schools increasingly truing into uncontrollable mayhem where more time is spent on student discipline than on teaching. Christian teachers have wisdom to offer, but their mouths are proverbially taped shut. Because there is censorship, discrimination and a totalitarian atmosphere in public schools, Christian teachers could use a little encouragement.

In 2007, I had made some word art prints entitled "Homage to Teachers" that I had given to some Ukrainian English teachers and American missionaries. This year, I've decided to produce some new versions and offer them on the Internet. I'm presently offering three different colors that are displayed at my Flickr Photostream. Any other images there may also be used as prints and framed if desired. The word-image has a longer lasting appeal than would an appreciation letter for a teacher because the art may be hung on a wall and enjoyed by many.

I've saved the word art prints in high-quality computer files that may be reproduced to over 11 x 17 inches.  At my Flickr Photostream, these are saved at less quality, approximately 15MB, . However, if you'd like a small print for a standard 8 1/2 x 11 frame, then this should be fine. You can buy some decent frames in Walmart or places like Ikea and Target have a bit more to offer. If you'd like a 50MB version for a larger print, or if you'd like a signed version, let me know.

These are copyrighted prints, so if you'd like one for yourself or to give as a gift, a small sum of $10 per final print is requested (though I'll offer discounts for group  orders for churches, Christian schools and colleges). Purchasing is safe and simple through Paypal by credit card. Now that this commercial message is over, we will resume our regularly scheduled blogging and debating.

***Note: if you are a Christian blogger or operate a Christian website, you may post a text link or an image link of this art with a link to the Flickr selection of prints and you will revive 50% of all noted referenced purchases. What more simple way is there to earn a little extra money with your blog or website? See my Flickr link for more detailed information.

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