December 12, 2012

Faith Through A Lens: UK photography competition winners

A powerful scene of former drug addicts reading the New Testament scooped the winner’s award at a national amateur photography competition this week.
Faith Through a Lens, created by national church insurer Congregational and General, hosted a prestigious awards event with internationally-renowned photojournalist Don McCullin and Minister for Faith and Communities, Baroness Warsi, presenting prizes. Read more >>


  1. Minor note:

    The link goes to a .uk site, so your headline's off.

    But that top photograph is an excellent one, indeed.

  2. Thanks for the heads up. I didn't notice that detail.

  3. Sorry for posting off topic, but I was wandering... You claim that all the children that died before reaching the age of reason go to heaven. Does that mean the 42 children who made fun of god s prophet Elisha and were mauled by bears as punishment ended up in heaven?

    1. >You claim that all the children that died before reaching the age of reason go to heaven.

      - Sorry, but I don't recall making such an emphatic statement. Can you post a link to the post where you believe that I made that specific claim.

    2. It was a long time ago and I fear I will not be able to find the exact quote. We were discussing the concept of hell and infinite punishement for finite crimes. You seemed to argue that children, who did not reach the age of reason would not be send to eternal toture for something they did not comprehend in the first place.

      On second thought, you might have been talking about purgatory there. Though, in the end that would still mean heaven with Jesus second coming and all if I understand you belief correctly.

    3. P.S. I think it was a syllogism:

      1. Torturing babies is always wrong.
      2. Hell is eternal torture and a toddler in hell would be tortured for eternity.
      3. It is wrong for god to allow babies to be tortured in hell.

    4. I don't recall writing anything like that.

    5. Then it undermines your whole argument about "objective morality". It is always wrong to torture babies, though in hell it is ok to make toddlers suffer.


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