December 26, 2013

Behind the Duck Dynasty Scandal

There are a few interesting articles on the Internet regarding the Duck Dynasty scandal, as defined from different perspectives. One of the most prolific alternative news bloggers, Michael Snyder, posted some valuable quotes and comments in this article: 15 Quotes About The Duck Dynasty Controversy That Every American Should See. Another blogger, Joe Carter posted some interesting facts on the Duck Dynasty in this post: 9 Things You Should Know About Duck Dynasty.  

What stands out to me is the manner in which lies, quite slanderous, are promulgated by the mainstream media in order to further secular agendas. Claiming that a person embraces "hatred" towards an individual or group simply because the person disagrees with their moral view is uncivilized and, in reality, it is this type of behavior that should not be tolerated, not the expression of one's spiritual or philosophical beliefs. Unfortunately, As Snyder has pointed out, the US is devolving into a politically correct police state demanding submission in lieu of serious consequences.
As I've noted in other posts, strong moral relativism is an extremely weak philosophical position. If anything, cutting-edge secular philosophers, such as Sam Harris, have demonstrated profound uncertainty on the nature of objective moral codes. Those who vilify Christians for embracing objective biblical standards have no logical or philosophical basis for doing so. If you haven't looked into this, now would be a good time. Read, Why Sam Harris' Human Flourishing is not a Valid Basis of Human Morality.

What is behind the Duck Dynasty scandal is a culture war aimed at Christians who believe that the Bible is true and reliable.This is in keeping with positions of present-day Militant Atheists. Remember Joseph Stalin? He formed the original "Militant Atheist" group, the League of Militant Atheists. Presently, famed (and philosophically flawed) change agents, such as Richard Dawkins, promote "intolerance of religion." and avoid losing debating at all costs by simply avoided them. Censorship and slander are often signs of weakness. Read up on the subjects of gay rights and morality by all means. And don't let the Duck Dynasty beards and red neck entertainment fool you, theism is a much stronger position philosophically than atheism. William Lane Craig has demonstrated this time and again by defeating the world's atheist master debaters.

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