June 26, 2014

China's Increased Crackdown on Christianity

The China Aid organization, founded by a Chinese insider with many connections throughout China, has released new that the persecution of churches and Christians has increased dramatically in the past month. This includes the demolition of churches, the demolition of crosses, the arrest of Christians and more, as noted by China Aid:

(Zhejiang–May 20, 2014) China Aid recently received a compilation of all known church demolitions, cross removals or modifications and notices received concerning the prior actions in China's coastal Zhejiang from a source. The list, below, gives the name and, in most cases, the date that  64 churches were persecuted.

The actions against churches in Zhejiang are all connected to the province's “Three Rectifications and One Demolition” campaign, which claims to target all illegal structures. However, based on government documents, which can be read below, some speculate that the campaign is really just a crackdown on religion (see http://www.chinaaid.org/2014/05/zhejiang-government-document-reveals.html).

See the original post at China Aid for more info.

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