September 18, 2014

If Your Life was a Word Cloud - Would There be More Positive or Negative Words?

Are you a positive person or a negative one?  Do you tend to affirm others and build others up in person or do you tend to gossip and put others down when they are not around? Do you have positive "self-talk" in your private thoughts or are you producing negative emotions and negative results through your private thought life? If a day in your life was reduced to a word cloud, what would it look like? What would your entire life look like as a word cloud?

After over 20 years of research, Dr. Barbara Fredrickson "..shares how experiencing positive emotions in a 3-to-1 ratio to negative emotions leads people to achieve what they once could only imagine."

I began to become more interested in Fredrickson and the subject of positivity after the scandal with Victoria Osteen broke out. What I discovered was a bit shocking to me. It was a revelation to me that there is a lot more to being positive than meets the eye. I do not agree with how all "negative" words are expunged from their church message, but I do believe that there is more to the power of the positive in life than I had known. And though I believe that there are hard and difficult truths that should be known and explained to people, I've also come to believe that it is important in life to make a conscious effort to aim for more positivity.  
Some questions come to mind: Can we really become more positive in life in a practical day to day Manner? I believe we can. But how can we balance truth and positivity? I will be looking more into these ideas. If you are a Christian, it may be interesting for you to know that "heaven" is mentioned about 10 times more than "hell" in scripture. You can check for yourself using the free program E-Sword, with a free download link here.

I have posted a link to a website that allows for free online word cloud creations. It's called Wordle. The image at this blog is based on this blog post.

Do you agree or disagree with the basic importance of being positive in life? I would be curious to know your thoughts.

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  1. Excellent article! I like the idea of keeping a balance between the truth and positivity. Truthful words that are positive always mean more.

    Here's a great tool that incorporates a bit of both. It's a FB app that allows your friends to describe you and then creates a word cloud out of the results!


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