January 24, 2016

Daily Updated Polls for 2016 US Presidential Election (Republican and Democrat)

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Seeing popularity polls can help to determine if you are voting for a candidate that has a real chance, or if you are possibly wasting a vote for ideological reasons.
Check out the Candidate Issues and Positions:
Cruz, Rubio and Rand Paul desire to defund federalized Planned Parenthood abortions on demand and fetal harvesting, with some candidates offering state and community solutions to this issue. Trump has flip-flopped on this issue in the past, but is presently pro-life. Hillary supports Planned Parenthood unequivocally (with their PAC donations), while Sanders is supportive of PP with light criticism. Trump and Sanders apparently are the only viable candidates not controlled by Wall Street and Goldman Sachs (Rand Paul is a bit of a long shot candidate). Trump, Rubio and Jeb support waterboarding interrogation-punishment, which I believe is unethical and criminal according to the Geneva Convention. Paul, Hillary and Sanders presently oppose waterboarding. Cruz has flip-flopped, first opposing torture but then claiming that the U.S. has never tortured (that the 2014 report on US treatment of prisoners from Iraq included no torture is absurd.). 
Cruz, Rubio and Paul are strong in defending the right to freedom of conscience, while Hillary, Sanders, and even Trump, see gay marriage as trumping this right. Paul proposed a vote to audit the Federal Reserve. Rubio voted "yes" to audit the Fed. Trump is for the audit, Cruz gave lip service, but did not show up to vote. Sanders voted "yes" to audit the Fed. Trump, Cruz, Rubio and Paul oppose Common Core Ed. Hillary, Sanders and Jeb support it. Sanders voted against Common Core reform and one of his top PAC donors, The NEA Union, presently promotes Common Core at their website without reservation (see webclips below).

Sadly, all candidates seem clueless about the importance of GMO labeling (see Monsanto FDA lobbyist corruption). Sanders was threatened with a Monsanto lawsuit when he voiced some opposition (no surprise in that), and he apparently was silenced into submission.

These issues are at the top of my list. I would personally vote for Rand Paul based on these issues, but he is a long shot. So I may vote for Cruz or perhaps Rubio. I'm still learning.  I've come to see abortion on demand as a top issue. I would recommend that everyone read a post by WL Craig that logically outlines why abortion is a critical subject. Craig does not appeal to God or religion in his argument against abortion. Thus, it has universal application to all people:
Ultimately, I see a non-political spiritual awakening as the only serious hope for the US (or for any democracy or republic). Who do you believe is the best candidate for the 2016 US Presidential Election and why?

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  1. I think alot of people are voting for Trump because of the success he already has attained as an entrepreneur. I haven't heard him talk about facts or political views. Mostly trash talking the competition. Hilary better be on her p's and q's or Trump will win. I think that Hilary is the best candidate to compete with Donald Trump. I think this race is based more on popularity and not the facts. www.goppolls.net


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