July 26, 2016

Wikileaks Shows How Democrat Party Exploits Hispanics

The Democrat exploitation and racism against Hispanics will probably not be mentioned in biased mainstream news. And neither will the ethical illiteracy on display with the celebration of law breaking at the Democratic National Convention (DNC). But in social media, we are the news. The main DNC strategy email reveals not one iota of interest in the needs of the Hispanic community, rather, it highlights different aspects in which Hispanics can be stereotyped as a consumer group for exploitation in the political process by Democrats for this purpose: "capture this demographic."
"The document makes sweeping generalizations about Latinos (which on planet earth is usually referred to as “racism”) in order to sell them, as “consumers,” on the Democratic vote."
Some of the comments insinuate that Hispanics do not consider facts, logic or critical thinking at all, but make decisions entirely based on "brand loyalty" and "story telling." I would find this extremely insulting if I was Hispanic. With the Democrats alleging that Trump is a racist for wanting to build a wall, it may be time to come to terms with the racism in the Democrat Party showing that Hispanics mean nothing more than basically a means to more power and control over the people.
The fact is, many Hispanics are very spiritual and reject the secular relativist agenda and moral positions of the left. And most prominent Christian leaders see Trump as a better choice, as shown in a Politico article: "Why America’s Christian leaders tolerate Trump"
Additionally, many legal Hispanic immigrants work hard and resent that unlimited amounts of illegal aliens burden the system by rewarding illegal immigration with monetary profits. The fact is, every time an illegal alien sneaks in and receives free assistance, this is an injustice to those that prefer to do things legally. The position by Obama and the Democrat party is, "Doing things illegally is OK, if you get away with it." And we've seen lately how Hillary Clinton's team believe this and act on this MO time and again. Ethical and spiritual Hispanics, however, reject this type of warped and destructive ethical relativism.
Not only do democrats acknowledge breaking immigration laws, they celebrate it. Some of the loudest applause at the Democratic Convention were for illegal aliens celebrating coming to the US secretly and illegally. Astrid Silva said: “I came to America illegally with my mother when I was four years old." This use of Latino children for emotional exploitation is deplorable. The following site lists immigration laws broken by these illegal aliens and by the Democrat Party that supports and celebrates the illegal activity:

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