December 05, 2016

Video of "Reverend" Al Sharpton Calling for Killing of Cops and the Fallout

A video surfaced this year showing "Reverend" Al Sharpton calling for African Americans to kill police officers using the phrase "to off" as commonly known slang for killing someone. Listen to what he says in the video: "I believe in OFFING the PIGS" In his vitriolic speech, Al Sharpton says, "I don't believe in marches". He continues: "You've lost your courage and your guts" - if you aren't willing, "to off," that is, to kill, some police officers. According to his logic, the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a total coward and failure. The reality is, however, that Sharpton, and President Obama as well,  have been exhibiting and promoting extreme ethical illiteracy in the manner in which they address racial issues in the US. Not only do they fail to match the achievements of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., but their approach has rolled-back King's progress. The speech by Sharpton was apparently given in 1992 at Kean College in New Jersey. As far as I know, Sharpton has ever renounced these words or apologized. If so, someone can post a link to this in the comment section below this article.

As a fallout of this type of hate speech, racial tensions and racial violence have escalated, and attacking police officers is becoming more common as a general trend. It is a complex situation because there have been cases of unnecessary police violence against African Americans that have been widely displayed and repeated in the MSM news. However, this should be viewed in perspective, and President Obama has failed in this area. He's been racially divisive in that he only points out and stands against violence against African Americans, and practically never the other way around, as WND noted:

"...Obama ignores racially motivated crimes against whites, some of which is manifest in the rising anti-Semitism and anti-Christian bigotry here and worldwide. It is an undisputed fact that hate crimes against Jews far exceed those against blacks. But Obama couldn’t care less, particularly since his Muslim roots and sympathies skew his objectivity and interest in doing anything for either Jews or Christians."

Though racism against Jews is much higher globally, President Obama is not at all concerned with this. However, Obama displays solidarity with the outspoken racist, Al Sharpton, as NY Daily News offers,  regarding public appearances together: "Obama’s appearance represented a presidential seal of approval of Sharpton’s role as a civil rights activist." And Obama tends to use the softest words possible in discussing such racist-fueled violence against police officers. In a 2016 speech on this matter, the most that Obama can say is, "you are doing a disservice to the cause" -of Black Lives Matter. Both Sharpton and Obama soft-peddle political violence, promoting secular-atheist values and the socialist-Marxist political play book of Saul Alinsky. And then the complicit MSM news generally attempts to assign all of the blame for racial violence on political opponents, such as Donald Trump. In becoming Marxist-socialist tools of the NWO, Sharpton and Obama are helping to ultimately reduce civil rights freedoms on a grand scale.

In general, over the past 10 years, violence against police officers has been rising. There have been more ambush-style attacks against officers and also a sense of hatred and disrespect for authorities has been fueled. In the following video, a black male beats up a white female cop.

In this next video, an African American vlogging as "The Doctor of Common Sense" on YouTube explains some poignant facts backed up by statistics. First, that there is a lot of lawlessness being promoted from within the African American community. Because there is a higher concentration of violent crime in this community, it is logical that there will be more fatal fallout. Even the AA Christian church community, with the help of Sharpton, promotes violence at times. Second, the fact is outlined that more whites are killed by cops than blacks. And third, that answering violence for violence is neither ethical nor productive.

According to the "Ferguson Effect," murders have jumped by 17 percent among the 50 biggest cities in the U.S. because police are more reluctant to police certain neighborhoods out of fear of being labeled as racists. This is a part of Obama's legacy. And according to the "Sharpton Effect," racial hatred is being stirred up and even promulgated in AA churches, despite it being opposed to Christian ethics. but we cannot discount the ethical illiteracy being supported in the public education system either, with it's opposition to anything remotely resembling the types of Christian virtues that MLK, Jr. espoused. As a constructive and wise peace maker, the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. exhibited ethical literacy far beyond most of our present-day African American leaders:

"Have we not come to such an impasse in the modern world that we must love our enemies - or else? The chain reaction of evil - hate begetting hate, wars producing more wars - must be broken, or else we shall be plunged into the dark abyss of annihilation."

King had an amazing sense of justice and constructive ethics that was based on his Christian worldview. It is truly frightening, however, to hear the hateful words of some top African American social justice warriors today, and to understand that the President of the United States is aligned with these views.

MLK Image by John Hain, used with permission.

(Article updated 12-07-16)

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