January 10, 2017

Marlene Klepees' Testimony of Healing from Cerebral Palsey

The account of Marlene Klepees' healing from Cerebral Palsey is a positive and inspiring account of God's love and power today. Different people came together, complete strangers, and came to support the same conclusion, that a divine healing had occurred. Marlene had described a vision of what would happen and where it would happen, all before it actually did happen.
Cerebral Palsey is considered an incurable disease. This Daily News article describes attempts in the scientific and medical community to discover a practical cure, such as this special brain treatment described by Chicago pediatrician Sidhartha Tan: "Tan, who was not involved in the research, said the study offers hope that nanomedicine may open doors to treating a host of incurable disorders, including cerebral palsy." Marlene Klepees was not taking any experimental medications or undergoing any new medical procedures, she was simply prayed for after receiving a divine vision that she would be healed. Following the video reenactment is a written testimony of her account, with a quote from her hospital records.

Testimony by Marlene Klepees

"Call unto Me and I will answer you, 
and show you great and mighty things 
which you know not!"

At an age when other children were enjoying life's innocent moments, Marlene had to face its cruelest tortures. Weighing less than two pounds at birth, she developed cerebral palsy, a disease that left her crippled.

At her public school it wasn't easy, she said "I did not have very many playmates because what could I do, and who would spend time with me?" This wasn't the only tragedy that wrenched her young heart; when she was only a year old her parents died in a motorcycle accident. She was left with great-grandparents and later with foster parents.

But one day, God stepped into her life ... when she was 12 years old some friends brought her to a youth rally where she committed her life to Jesus Christ. She thought she'd finally found the father she'd always needed!

"I was His, and He was my Dad, and that was it forever," she declares. "I just thought that if I was born with cerebral palsy, I must be born with it because God created me that way. I didn't realize He wanted people healed. I didn't realize He wanted good things for everyone. So, at first, I just thought, `Well, there's got to be a reason for it. He's smarter than I am.'"

During her teenage years, Marlene suffered numerous spasms caused by muscular surgery; these attacks were sometimes so violent they left her with broken bones. After one severe spasm, she was left almost totally paralyzed. And her vision, along with the rest of her condition, grew progressively worse.

In December, 1980, as a last resort, Marlene was taken from her home in Missouri to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Her former nurse, Nancy White, remembers her condition saying, "Marlene was a spastic quadriplegic and pretty much depended on other people to provide for her needs. She needed someone to help her get in and out of bed, in and out of her wheelchair, and to help her go to the bathroom. She was pretty much dependent to the point where she really didn't do a lot physically herself."

Dr. Glen White, her recreational therapist, witnessed her extensive treatment and worsening condition. "She didn't have really any control of her head or her neck. Her head was sort of tipped back and her lips and tongue were kind of swollen and drooling. That is a very tough state to be in. Reviewing team notes and team meetings the staff was thinking that there wasn't really a lot of hope for recovery."
Being sent to a nursing home was Marlene's greatest nightmare, "As best as I could, I just yelled to Heaven and I said, `God, stop! Just get me out of here!' He didn't, but I could feel His love and presence that came all around me, and it was really, really warm." "Then God showed me in a vision that He was going to heal me ... He showed me the inside of a church, with light-colored woodwork, the doorknob was triangular and glass-colored, and there was a rust-colored stretcher and people gathered around praying for me, and there was a man in a pinstriped suit."

"The vision continued and God showed me a picture of myself out riding a bike on beautiful green grass, and I saw `March 29th' in great big bold letters ... three weeks away ..."

"Almost three weeks passed by and nothing had happened yet ... I thought I'd be healed at home in Missouri, but on March 28th, the day before the date given in my vision, I was still in Rochester and still degenerating, and knew no churches in the area."
"After pleading with God, I felt that He told me, of all things, to have the nurse look in the Yellow Pages under "Churches" the next morning. I just kept telling her `Yellow Pages' over and over and finally she could understand my garbled words and got them. It was Sunday, and the Lord was telling me that I should go to church."

"She helped me flip through them, and then something glowed off the page where it said `The Open Bible Church, Scott Emerson, Pastor,' with his phone number."
Pastor Emerson said, "My wife answered the phone, and thought the person calling was drunk because her speech was so slurred, but she handed the phone to me, and I too found it very difficult to understand what this person was trying to say. She started asking me questions about what the church believed about healing, did we believe in healing? Did we pray for the sick? Have we ever seen a miracle? I answered the best I could, and then she said, `Okay, you're the one ... you can come see me.' And I thought, `I can come see you?' What is this! But services would start soon and I felt that she needed to be there."
"Although I was skeptical, I answered her call and arrived at the hospital wearing my pinstriped suit. When this girl, Marlene, saw me, she said that I looked identical to the man praying for her in the vision that she'd had!"

"Then she described how the pews in my church were arranged, the colors within the church, the swinging doors that entered into the sanctuary, the windows with diamond shapes in them and everything in great detail, even though she had never been there. When someone starts telling you things like that, goose bumps go down your spine and you listen!"

"With permission from the hospital, I carried Marlene down to my car and over to our church service ... she had to be strapped in the car and on her church seat because her body was jerking so wildly."

"She was scrunched up," says Lucille Bernard, a member of the church, who was told that the Pastor was bringing someone from the hospital, "I thought to myself, `My, I didn't realize it was going to be this bad, and said Lord, this is going to be a case for You!'"

The church was in store for something they had never seen before ... Pastor Emerson had never had a miracle take place in his church before.

Marlene says, "They gathered around me to pray, and the pastor said, 'I don't know how to pray, Lord, but he asked God to heal me from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. And then he asked me if I wanted to stand up on faith."

"Immediately upon lifting her out of the chair, we began to feel strength coming into her legs," says Pastor Emerson, "She took hold of the back of the pew and she just leapt up!"

"My feet hit the floor and I felt the floor for the first time in my life!" Marlene says with a smile.

"Her knees and her toes pointed together, and everything was pointed in," remembers Pastor Emerson. "But with each wobbly step that she took, they started to straighten out. And as her toes and her knees straightened out she got stronger and stronger. She took a few steps on her own and then was literally running around the church!"

"Then she started praising the Lord and I tell you, you talk about the glory of the Lord ... we just shouted and cried and worshiped God, His Presence was so real!"

It was real enough for another miracle that night for that small congregation to see!

"My eyes got really warm, and God then told me to take off the glasses, and when I did, my vision was perfect too!" said Marlene. "I haven't needed them since.

Lucille said, "This girl was healed right before our very eyes, every inch of her ... and we knew it was a miracle from God!"

When the church service was over, they asked Marlene if there was something that she'd always wanted to do, but couldn't, and she said she had never been able to hold and eat an ice cream cone, so they all trouped over to an ice cream parlor!

It so happened that Dr. White, her therapist, was there also and he saw her. He says, "I was amazed and shocked to see Marlene not using a wheelchair and walking ... I couldn't believe it!"

Needless to say, Marlene's return to the hospital caused quite a sensation! Her nurse White said, "The time from when she had left to when she came back was probably a two-hour period at max, and was quite a dramatic difference to see her return walking!"
In amazement, her doctors examined her, and then discharged her to go back home to Missouri. They wrote in her hospital records: "You returned to the rehabilitation unit that evening walking, something you'd never done since your admission to the unit. When we saw you back at the clinic some weeks later, you'd improved even more. All signs of previous abnormality is gone. You were able to walk perfectly normal, and your eyesight had improved so much that you did not need to wear spectacles. We were all very thrilled and happy with the outcome of your condition."
Marlene's life has been normal these more than 20 years since then ... she has attended Missouri Wesleyan College and traveled through the Midwest sharing her amazing story of God's healing power and grace. And she enjoys riding her bike rides through the countryside just as she'd seen in her vision years before!
She says, "I was in a desperate situation, and there was no place else to go but to Jesus with my life, and here I am ... I'm healed ... I'm normal ... I can do everything that everyone else does! Praise God!"
Pastor Emerson says, "I've always believed in the power of God and I've read the Bible stories, but we were seeing a Bible story in action ... something right out of the Book of Acts!"
"It was like the lame man that Peter and John had the faith to say, `Silver and gold have we none, but such as we have, we give to you, so in the Name of Jesus Christ, get up and walk! And `the man went walking and leaping and praising God!' We saw that happen too ... not something 2,000 years ago but that day in 1981! Praise God, He is still a miracle-working God!" 

"My God Reigns!"

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