February 05, 2017

Samoa's New Constitution Declares Christian Nation


[CBN] The headline reads: "Why Samoa Wants to Make Clear, It's a Christian State" and, though a small change, the leaders of the country find it important:

"The phrase "Samoa is founded on God" will no longer be used. Instead, under the Constitution, it will be, 'Samoa is a Christian nation founded of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.'"

One point of rephrasing the constitution is to underscore a sense of solidarity of belief, as based on the country's founding, and to stave off potential conflict:

"Many are wondering why this tiny nation suddenly wants to makes such a bold statement. Tuilaepa says it is a way to fend off religious wars that have stormed other countries, primarily in the Middle East and Africa. He wants to make it clear that this is a Christian country and their faith will be integral to their law."

A second point is to address increasing pressure to adopt morally relativistic trends:

"The parliament members also said declaring Samoa as a Christian nation means it will not be influenced by other nations that may pressure it to adopt more "progressive" ideas like gay rights."

Well, if many people these days seems to love Muslim countries and Muslim rights as politically correct, why not? Why not support a country where people want to embrace Christian values? Should this not also be politically correct, all things considered?
Last year, the 2016 Olympic Fiji Rugby Team expressed their national spiritual solidarity when they sang a hymn of thanks to God after winning the Gold Medal.

Image: TPSDave - CC0 Public Domain

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