October 26, 2018

CNN Jumps to Illogical Conclusions for Mail-Bomb Suspect

A total of 13 mail-bomb devices have apparently been located throughout the US related to one source. As many people have pointed out, the Republican Party has been doing pretty well coming into the Midterm Elections. And then, aside from the migrant caravan issue, there was a surprise flurry of fake mail-bombs sent out to people that were critics of Donald Trump and a sudden call to vilify Trump and conservatives as the main cause for this. No matter who is actually behind the packages, there should be legal punishment. But trying to pin blame on Donald Trump based on "rhetoric" is neither logical nor ethical for a number of reasons.
1) First, it's been documented that CNN made a rush to judgment on October 25, 2018, that was so hasty and biased that former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik walked off of their news set when he was in the middle of an interview. Kerik was correct to point out that there was no evidence whatsoever that this was linked directly to Trump or a conservative, and he should be praised for his moral fiber for refusing to cooperate with CNN's politicized smear tactics. Jeff Zucker should not cast blame based on his assumptions.

2) If a president should somehow be held responsible for a nutty person doing harmful things based on rhetoric, then shouldn't all of the people posting the "kill Trump" content on Facebook and Twitter be held in check also? Well, they are not. While Alex Jones was banned from Twitter for asking pointed questions of a CNN employee, the #KillTrump hashtag threats remain unchecked on Twitter for years wherein people relish in the fact that they are free to do so with no consequences.

Today, I screen-copied the following hate speech from Patrick Bateman posted September 26, 2017, that has been up on Twitter for about a year and is very easy to find. In addition, Democrat politicians such as Maria Chappelle Nadal have made more serious death-threatening comments such as, "I hope Trump is assassinated." with no apparent criticism from CNN or other liberal #MSM news outlets.

3) In terms of ideology, mail-bomb terrorism does not line up with Trump's Republican conservative base. Terrorism does line up with radical Islam, no question. Terrorism could line up with neocons, but that is not really representative of the Republican core base. What these acts do line up with, however, is the Marxist ideology of, "The end justifies the means."

Make no mistake, key leaders of Marxism have emphasized that, "The end justifies the means" is not only valid but is the only option for atheist Marxists. The following article on Marxist morality from a Marxist website underscores this: "So nothing else makes sense but that the end justifies the means."

In contrast, the idea that there is a fixed and absolute standard of morality necessitates God's existence, as Trotsky confirmed: "Trotsky explains how this means that the theory of an eternal moral, a supra-human moral, cannot survive without God in the last resort."
4) In terms of logic, CNN News and many individuals are making a blunder in assuming that correlation implies causation. In other words, because mail-bomb packages were sent to critics of Trump, the person that sent the package somehow represents the actual ideology that Trump espouses and Trump is responsible as the cause for the actions. But this is a logical fallacy.

5) Many questions and anomalies remain unanswered regarding the suspect Cesar Sayoc from Aventura, Florida who was apprehended October 26, 2018. With the timing just before the elections, many details appear to be scripted and unnatural. Here's a list of 6 anomalies of the so-called MAGAbomber.

A) Professional Designed Vehicle Art? The images on the van appear to be created as one composition fitting perfectly in the windows, apparently by a professional graphic artist, when shown alongside stickers organically applied to a van over time. If his family basically said he was "unable to hold a job" and struggling financially, how could he afford to pay for expensive large-format political van art?

B) Florida Laws do not allow such auto window decals. "No person shall drive any motor vehicle with any sign, poster, or other non-transparent material upon the front windshield, sidewings, or side or rear windows of such vehicle which materially obstructs, obscures, or impairs the Driver’s clear view of the highway or any intersecting highway." Because these laws are strictly enforced, this could not last long in service.

C) A Pristine Political Trump Van? While some witnesses had seen the van driving around a few days before the mail-bomb incident, why was there no graffiti and vandalism on the highly-politicized van left in a parking lot when such small indiscretions as wearing a MAGA hat will result in assault and having one single Trump bumper sticker will often result in a car being burned, such as here, here, and here, in hateful vandalism?

D) 13 Non-Working Bombs? The police originally reported that the mail-bombs appeared to be crudely made hoxes, the FBI claimed they were serious bombs, but not one of the 13 packages appeared to be designed to actually detonate. Why?

E) Who is the Courier? How did all the 13 packages get mailed with some arriving with none of the postage stamps being post-marked and with labels such as "Anne Thrax" on the package? If a private courier, what private courier would not immediately question these types of packages in Florida?

F) A Nut Finds 13 Elite Addresses? How would a crazed lunatic that cannot assemble bombs very well be able to locate the personal addresses of 13 elite Democrats?

G) What is Bomber's Logic? Why would a Trump-supporter make defective bombs that would work against an upcoming election? In U.S. criminal law, means, motive, and opportunity is a common summation of the three aspects of a crime that must be established before guilt can possibly be determined. But the MAGAbomber's motive is not logical and, therefore, not very believable. There's not a logical motive for the suspect acting alone.

H) Obvious Fingerprint Clues? The suspect, Cesar Sayoc was a repeat felon with fingerprints recorded and filed repeatedly, and this led to his easy and immediate capture based on his fingerprints being on his packages, according to the FBI. It seems the Midterm Bomber was going out of his way to be caught. Why?

The head of the FBI says the suspect arrested in the mail bombs sent to prominent Democrats was found in part using fingerprint evidence and possible DNA.

A Christian conservative that is grounded in biblical principles would not likely go about sending such packages because "The end justifies the means" is not considered valid. Radical Islamicists don't mess around with fake bombs, they use real ones. For Marxists that want to win an election, however, faux terrorism may make sense and it would be perfectly in keeping with their worldview and their quest for power. For these reasons, I remain skeptical about this suspect acting alone. Is it possible that he was blackmailed or paid somehow to do this by other parties?

There needs to be more investigation into this. Unfortunately, the FBI often seems to drop the ball, as was the case in the 2017 Vegas attack wherein 16 important questions were never answered. If CNN wants to try to shake off its "Most Fake News" label, based on documented lying, well, it seems they are not trying very hard. Jeff Zucker and journalists at CNN should try to use a bit more logic and objectivity and not hastily jump to illogical conclusions.

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