November 25, 2009

Some Shocking Facts Confirmed on the Flu Pandemic

According to a government report November 24th, Ukraine deaths from the flu stand at 397 and this wave seems to be leveling off. However, the government statistics have contradicted those of an independent laboratory that was recently shut down by the government. The fatality rate of the virus in the Ukraine has been estimated by some infectious disease experts to be between 0.5% to 0.7% and possibly growing.

Some Shocking Facts Confirmed

Just before the second strain of the H1N1 hit Ukraine, there were reports of low flying planes and helicopters spraying a dust-like substance over the regions that would become most infected by what doctors began labeling as "parainfluenza" with "collapsed lungs” while others noted burned out lungs and called it “the black lung plague.” I tried to verify the plane/helicopter story here in Ukraine and, sure enough, people I know and trust said they saw a TV news report showing home made videos of helicopters spraying a dust-like substance in the sky in Western Ukraine. This was before the media-blackout on the subject.

On November 13th, the government basically closed down the only private lab in Ukraine that was closely following statistics, Eurolab. The chairman of the Eurolab Fund, A. Palchevskiy said in an interview that the government was underestimating the true statistics of infections and deaths. People I trust mentioned a 52 year old man who died near Yalta with a fever and blackened lungs. He was a relative of a neighbor. Reports later began to circulate about low flying prop planes in Poland and, then again, the same areas became infected with this new mutated strain. A blog dedicated to covering the pandemic, Ukraine and World Pneumonic Plague Information, received an email from Poland stating "My friend a doctor who works in Emergency Room in Bialystok (Eastern North of Poland) called me saying that he had 3 cases of patients with symptoms similar to the pneumonic plague."

Europe and Beyond

The season for crop dusting is in the spring, to stop the spread of fungus, insects, and to fertilize etc. What were aircraft in Western Ukraine, and possibly other countries spraying at the onset of winter? The Ukraine government has denied its involvement in any aerial spraying. Who was doing it and why? Doctors say the new flu strain is untreatable with antibiotics and is more serious. In any event, the mutated virus is presently working its way through the rest of Ukraine and Europe. According to Bloomberg November 23, “Swine flu deaths have doubled almost every two weeks since mid October in Europe, with 169 occurring in the past week.” There is even a report that the mutated virus has arrived in the US, in Iowa: “In the autopsy, what we’re seeing is very heavy, wet hemorrhagic lungs, lungs with a lot of blood in them,” said Dr. Gregory Schmunk.

Some More Real Shockers

In September 2009 Interpol, also known as the new world police, had a “Bioterrorism International Tabletop Exercise” “In September 2009, senior law enforcement officials, health care professionals and experts from international organizations joined their forces to confront a chilling crisis – the plague had just been unleashed on their countries by unknown evildoers.” - No, this isn’t a theme from an old Batman rerun, this is real life. Countries than took part in the exercise included Ukraine, Poland Slovakia, Belarus and Finland, etc.

The origins of the H1N1 flu remain a mystery. We have yet to hear back from Mill Hill laboratory in London regarding the samples sent in early November. Apparently, there is a signal sequence in the genome of the virus which should have been made public a long time ago. According to Recombinomics, “The sequence silence remains deafening.” Australian virologist Dr. Adrian Gibbs, who helped develop Tamiflu, claimed back in May the H1N1 virus most likely originated in a lab, contradicting the WHO theory of natural propagation. It’s a little known fact that scientists have been tinkering with 1918 Spanish Flu genes that have been unearthed from corpses frozen in the Alaskan tundra. The symptoms of the Spanish Flu are very similar to the present mutations.

The Kicker

To me, the real kicker is the research done by Steve Quale who has shown that in the last five years being a researcher in the field of bioweapons has become one of the most hazardous professions in the world. This isn’t due so much to lab risks as it is to being murdered or dying from unexplainable causes. This may be one of the reasons they are having a hard time getting out the gene sequences from the Mill Hill lab. Is there a shortage of experts? About 100 scientists related to microbiology, viral disease and bioweapons have died over the past five years, just a coincidence?


You can connect the dots yourself and draw your own conclusion. The vaccines themselves remain a toxic threat while the mutated virus is also deadly. Experts believe that there are more waves of the virus yet to come. In the US, FEMA has prepared over 500,000 plastic coffins. Did they know something? The US National Terror Alert website reads: "The threat of a bio-terror attack on the U.S remains high and may be more likely than you think." Wherever you may live, it seems like it's a good time to get right with God.

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