June 21, 2010

Gulf Oil: The Other Holy Anointing Oil

You may be aware of how scented anointing oil is used to dedicate and to sanctify, to bless and to heal, as described in scripture. But you may not be aware of how Gulf oil, the other anointing oil, is being used to dedicate and bless the new century of political and religious globalism, to help usher in the sacred "New Paradigm." Even slicker than the oil itself, certain industries and individuals are poised to make millions off of the BP Gulf gusher, and documented facts imply this is not accidental. The depths of human greed and corruption implied in this incident are difficult to fathom, but this isn't just a doom and gloom article. I've found hope and inspiration in the writings of Alexander Solzhenitsyn, who became a beacon of hope during the repressive and corrupt Soviet regime. He offered a powerful example of how artists and writers can have a great impact on the world.

A Crude Awakening

Before addressing the global spiritual ramifications of the disaster, it helps first to have a general understanding of the related politics. There are reasons why BP is keeping the press away with Gestapo-like tactics. Mainstream news has been mum on the important details, as usual. And if you aren't familiar with president Barack Obama's connection to BP and Libya drilling, if you aren't familiar with Nalco, etc., the following independent articles are a must read.

The first article deals with many of the environmental effects, including toxic gases. The second is a good outline of the situation. The third includes a list of important links and documented facts, implying many examples of foreknowledge of the "accident." The fourth article is a logical political response. A word of warning, this reading is not for the faint of heart, it's a crude awakening, especially for those weaned on mainstream news spin: 

Oil Disaster Will Be End of Life As We Know It 


The Real Reason Oil Still Flows into Gulf

States Need To Launch Criminal Investigation Into BP, Federal Government’s Role In Oil Spill http://www.infowars.com/states-need-to-launch-criminal-investigation-into-bp-federal-governments-role-in-oil-spill/

After some research one may understand the possible reason why 13 countries, many poised to send special ships to help with the clean up, had been rejected by Obama for almost two months, according to Foreign Policy Magazine, linked here. The longer the process takes and the more oil is spilled into the Gulf of Mexico, apparently, the more profit those connected with Nalco will make. Mainstream media is increasingly mum on the important details and the Obama administration is seeking authority to shut down the Internet at will. In a healthy democracy, the leadership defends the rights of free speech and skepticism, but we are increasingly seeing the opposite. The disaster has also reanimated political Green Agenda bills, which had become dead in the water due to Climate-gate, i.e. false statistics in connection with global warming. Altogether, these details makes one wonder "Which is dirtier, the pollution or the politics?"

Anointing the Global Green Agenda  

"You don't ever want a crisis to go to waste; it’s an opportunity to do important things that you would otherwise avoid." – Rahm Emanuel  

The White House has enacted a direct emailing campaign, calling for support to sell the American people on long sought global warming and Cap and Trade legislation... Obama compared the BP oil spill with 9/11, noting: 'In the same way that our view of our vulnerabilities and our foreign policy was shaped profoundly by 9/11, I think this disaster is going to shape how we think about the environment and energy for many years to come...'

Recent exposure of the fraud behind the climate science driving the global warming movement had seemingly scuppered Obama’s chances of pushing through the legislation." But now all that has changed. For more background information on neopaganism, as it relates to the Global Green Agenda, see www.green-agenda.com.

The False Ark, the False Ten Commandments and the False Gospel

In order to understand the global spiritual ramifications of the BP Gulf disaster, one may examine the prophecies in the Bible. The Bible describes how there is a counterfeit for every true element in God's divine plan. Even as there is a true Messiah, Jesus Christ, the Bible describes a counterfeit Messiah, the Antichrist, who is yet to be revealed. He will deceive many into believing he is the true Redeemer of mankind. Likewise, even as there was a true prophet, John the Baptist, who prepared the way for Messiah, there will be a false prophet, who will prepare the way for the Antichrist. Also, Revelation Chapter 17 outlines aspects of a one-world political/religious system, known as Babylon, that will gradually come together, and is even coming together as you read this.

Even as there was a true Ark of the Covenant, holding the true Ten Commandments, there is already a false ark, the Ark of Hope, created by the United Nations in celebration of the Earth Charter on September 9, 2001.

The Earth Charter Embodies Unique Ten Commandments:
"The real goal of the Earth Charter is that it will in fact become like the Ten Commandments..." (Maurice Strong, a co-chair of the Earth Charter, in an interview, March 5, 1998)

"Do not do unto the environment of others what you do not want done to your own environment....My hope is that this charter will be a kind of Ten Commandments, a 'Sermon on the Mount', that provides a guide for human behavior toward the environment in the next century." (Mikhail Gorbachev, The Los Angeles Times, May 8, 1997)

Defining The False Gospel and Its Spread

The idea for the United Nations' Earth Charter originated in 1987 by the United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development who emphasized this tool was required for attaining sustainable development. In 1994 the idea was proposed formally by Maurice Strong, then chairman of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), also known as the Rio Summit. Though working for the United Nations, Strong officially began the Earth Charter as a civil society initiative with help from Michail Gorbachev.

While there are many sincere people and some good programs in the UN that help fight hunger and poverty, etc., it is quite significant the UN Charter is being called the new Ten Commandments by its creators. Unlike the idea of "separation of church and state," this political/spiritual Charter, outlined at this link, calls for a new "spiritual education" in line 14d which is exemplified by the "Temenos Books" carried in the Ark of Hope when the Earth Charter was presented to the United Nations. The definition of "temenos" refers to a special place for the worship of pagan gods, promoting the very thing the true law forbade above all else. These points underscore the neopagan attributes of this new world political/religious movement

The global Earth Charter does not represent the true Ten Commandments and, of course, falls short in many respects. The true Ten Commandments were given by God as a kind of mirror to show people, all of us, that we are in fact sinners in need of spiritual redemption in Jesus Christ. (Galatians 3.24) The false Ten Commandments deny the reality of sin, present man as savior and do not even point out the fact that lying is a sin. Because New Age beliefs are based on moral relativism, the ethic "the end justifies the means" is quite acceptable, unlike the Judeo-Christian ethic, in which this is not so. Nowhere is this weak relativistic ethic made more evident than in the hypocrisy of the New Age globalist leaders.

Unlike the true gospel of salvation, which offers the truth at face value and offers freedom of choice, this false gospel is spread by deceit and corruption. Through these methods, it deliberately undermines the rights of free and sovereign people. "The protection of the Biosphere, as the Common Interest of Humanity, must not be subservient to the rules of state sovereignty, demands of the free market or individual rights."  Sourced from "The Earth Charter - Agenda for Totalitarianism." The quote has since been removed from the original source: The Earth Charter Campaign, "The Earth Charter: The Green Cross Philosophy," Internet document, http://www.earthcharter.org/report/special/greencross.html

In case you believe this Earth Charter agenda is just sentimental fluff, consider this: "The Earth Charter 'was drafted in coordination with a hard law treaty that is designed to provide an integrated legal framework for all environment development law and policy.' This hard law treaty is called the International Covenant on Environment and Development and is being prepared by the Commission on Environmental Law at the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), a behemoth agency which oversees 700+ governmental agencies worldwide." A draft of the treaty in PDF form is at this link.

Of course, citizens of independent, democratic nations would not be quick to surrender their sovereign freedom to a United Nations led bureaucracy. This is why action plans, such as Agenda 21 come into play. This is why disasters such as 9/11 and the Gulf debacle must be examined with scrutiny. This is why Jesus said "Be wise as serpents..." meaning, be prudent, be aware, "as lambs among wolves" should be. (Luke 10.1-16) Unfortunately, many simply do not want to know what is transpiring. The spread of the gospel in the early church began with a baptism of fire and the anointing of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2.1-12). This power of the Holy Spirit was, and still is, a main agent by which the gospel is spread. (Acts 1.8). Interesting how a fiery explosion and "a dark oil anointing," as one website put it, may be the last drop in the bucket, which pushes the US over the edge into full-fledged socialism, as has also been gradually playing out in the rest of the world.

The Gaia movement is closely tied with the New Paradigm and globalism. Because it is very loosely defined, many people have different interpretations of what it means. Some who are involved in the Gaia movement tend to be more scientifically focused, while others promote paganism and nature worship. In any event, many sincere followers are not aware of the harsh philosophical ramifications of the movement and the political ramifications of the movement are often not presented in a straightforward manner. 

On the right is a photo of Ukrainian student being indoctrinated into the UN's false Ten Commandments. Linked, is an interactive map where you can locate Earth Charter (indoctrination) Activities at a city near you. The Earth Charter website for Ukraine is http://www.earthcharterukraine.org

The New Morality fits the New Paradigm

The Father of the Gaia Hypothesis, James Lovelock, stated in an interview posted Monday 29 March 2010, his elitist view that "It may be necessary to put democracy on hold for a while." The Gaia gospel is an elitist one, no doubt. And this is part and parcel with a non-democratic rule by the elite, no mater how inept and corrupt they may be. In this sense, what is happening in the US and in the Gulf of Mexico is very Gaian. When you take relativism to its extreme, there is no telling what the final result will be. Can you imagine the gentle voice of Jacques Cousteau describing the "denizens of the deep" in one sentence of his famous undersea documentaries and then launching into his true feelings on environmental ethics in another?: "One American burdens the earth much more than twenty Bangladeshis. This is a terrible thing to say. In order to stabilize world population, we must eliminate 350,000 people per day. It is a horrible thing to say, but it's just as bad not to say it."- Jacques Cousteau (UNESCO Courier, November 1991). If environmentalism is one's god, it is possible to go environ-mental - to lose it. Many of the global elite share Cousteau's eugenicist ethics, more than we realize.

When people live by the creed "the end justifies the means" they can say whatever they want and do whatever they want, as long as it is self-justified. Al Gore, for example, is gaga over Gaia. The Gaia Earth Act, is a part of his political platform. But does his environmental walk match his talk? According to ABC News, "In 2007, The Tennessee Center for Policy Research, a state think tank, revealed that Al Gore was an energy hog. Public records show that Gore’s Nashville mansion used in one month more than twice the electricity the typical American household uses in a year: His average monthly electric bill was more than $1,359. Moreover, Gore’s household energy use increased after An Inconvenient Truth, his film about global warming, was released to ecstatic reviews." The hypocrisy doesn't end there: The Money and Connections Behind Al Gore’s Carbon Crusade (‘Cap-and-Trade’ ) 

Maurice Strong is another Gaia globalist guru with many contradictions. He gained his billions mainly through the petroleum industry, the blood of capitalist industrialism. But has he changed his lifestyle and methodology after becoming an outspoken socialist? No, not really. He derides the "affluent middle class" but he himself is unwilling to live as a an example of the low-income citizen and lifestyle he wishes to force on everyone else:

"It is clear that current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class -- involving high meat intake, consumption of large amounts of frozen and convenience foods, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work-place air-conditioning, and suburban housing -- are not sustainable. A shift is necessary toward lifestyles less geared to environmentally damaging consumption patterns." (Maurice Strong - Rio Conference - Earth Summit II - 1992) 

"Isn't the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn't it our responsibility to bring that about?" (Maurice Strong - Interview with Daniel Wood 1990) 

Maurice Strong is presently promoting Chery Chinese cars in the United States. They also produce SUV gas guzzlers. But, if it's made with Chinese slave labor conditions, it must be the best solution. These imports to America are running into problems because of copyright infringements. The Chinese company apparently can't make their own designs and must copy Western ones. The new standard of global industry — moral relativism at its finest. We have not yet realized the scope and depth of the corruption involved in the BP Gulf tragedy. But one thing is certain, the Federal government and BP should not be the ones in charge of investigating the issue. The following article shows some reasons why not: "Obama, Maurice Strong, Al Gore key players cashing in on Chicago Climate Exchange" 

Like the Gulf Gusher, US Federal Corruption is out of Control

The Deepwater Horizon oil well blew out because standard safety checks and procedures were ignored, according to internal witnesses. In a similar manner, the US Founding Fathers set up a system of checks and balances to guard against internal corruption. But since 9/11 these safety checks have been done away with. George W. Bush disobeyed more than 750 laws, mainly invoking his authority as Commander in Chief. Bush also invoked the "State Secrets Privilege" more than any other US president before him. He and his cabinet, the CIA and FBI were basically insulated from any questions and accountability. Obama has continued the same policy.

The first use of the State Secrets Privilege was in 1953: "The widows of three civilian crew members sought accident reports on the crash but were told that to release such details would threaten national security...It was found that the assertion that they contained secret information was fraudulent. The reports did, however, contain information about the poor condition of the aircraft itself, which would have been very compromising to the Air Force's case." In the very first State Secrets case, the law was abused. Will we ever see a true investigation of 9/11 and the BP Gulf scandal?

Benjamin Franklin once said "They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." (Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759). Because of the out-of-control US Federal Government, as of March 16, 2010, 40 states have made official state sovereignty declarations. A map of these states is at this link. The new morality of relativism and secular humanism has replaced the biblical standard of Western Civilization and we are witnessing the fruit of this shift in spades in all aspects of society.

Grace in the Gulagg

Due to rampant corruption and deceit, the world is rapidly becoming a global gulag. The Bible predicted this global political/religious world system would be established. The Gaian's are correct in believing the main problem is humanity. They are wrong, however, in their solution. The main problem with humanity is the sin nature, which can only be addressed by receiving the indwelling Spirit of God through the true gospel of peace. A time of true peace will eventually come to the Earth when Jesus Christ returns and reigns. In the mean time, God has given His people His Word, His Spirit and His body of believers to bring comfort and spiritual growth in these perilous times we live in.

The "Parable of the 10 Virgins" (Matthew 25: 1-13) offers fresh insight in the context of the Gulf events. A spiritual virgin is one who is pure spiritually, not an idolater worshipping pagan gods, etc. Five of the virgins were wise, they "took oil in jars along with their lamps." How we need in these dark hours to be being filled with the pure oil of the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 5.18), the true anointing, and to be burning with a holy white-hot passion for our God (Revelation 3.16). Interesting that "they all became drowsy and fell asleep," as the bridegroom delayed his coming. In our human nature, we are prone to this spiritual grogginess, even as the disciples were: "Then he returned to his disciples and found them sleeping. 'Simon,' he said to Peter, 'are you asleep? Could you not keep watch for one hour?" (Mark 14.37)

Though most of the details of the BP Deepwater Horizon are both shocking and depressing, a unique voice from the past offers hope, courage and inspiration. Alexander Solzhenitsyn, who passed on 2008, showed how a person with real spiritual life, hope, truth and meaning, has all one needs, even in the most difficult of environments and circumstances. In his 1970 transcript for his literary Nobel Prize, Solzhenitsyn makes an appeal to all artists and writers to see truth as the ultimate weapon against tyranny, whether political or spiritual. As the scriptures state, the word of God endures forever (1 Peter 1.25) and we are to obey God, not man, in our decision to boldly proclaim the truth (Acts 5:29). Solzhenitsyn's words seem very timely: 

"That is why, my friends, I believe that we are able to help the world in its white-hot hour. Not by making the excuse of possessing no weapons, and not by giving ourselves over to a frivolous life - but by going to war!

Proverbs about truth are well-loved in Russian. They give steady and sometimes striking expression to the not inconsiderable harsh national experience: ONE WORD OF TRUTH SHALL OUTWEIGH THE WHOLE WORLD."


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