October 28, 2010

Voters Beware: Tasered in the Name of Democracy

I recently saw a video clip which sums up the shocking direction  of democratic politics these days. A Florida University college student, Andrew Myer, had gone to a political campaign meeting on campus to hear a democratic representative speak and perhaps ask some questions of his own. When he begins to ask his questions, police forcibly manhandle him and when he resists they begin to taser him. The video highlights the decline of civil rights, which has continued unhindered since before the clip was filmed.

What was the Question? 

The student's question, at the moment of arrest, had to do with the politician's membership in a secret fraternity/society named the Skull and Bones. Essentially, the student was asking “Are there people pulling your strings?” During this question he was arrested and abused at a “democratic” gathering. The irony of the situation is obvious. His question was not only a valid one, but a critically important one, especially considering both 2004 presidential candidates, Bush and Kerry, were members of the exact same secret society. Mainstream media had ignored this. Two presidential candidates, Democratic and Republican, both hailing from the same secret society. It doesn't sound like much of a choice, does it?

Voters Wake Up

As the US election process heats up, ask yourself “Who is that Florida University college student likely to vote for?" A Democrat, a Republican or a third party which supports the Constitution and real civil rights? Realize that if you were standing there and asked the same question, you may have been tasered as he was. It's a shocking video, to say the least, but a good wakeup call showing how the US and many democracies are becoming more like a police state. Realize that the tasering incident is more likely to happen to voters today than ever before. It would be a good poll slogan “Don't Taser Me” similar to the Gaston Flag's “Don't Tread on Me.” Is this really the kind of society you want to live in? The establishment mainstream media is in a position to either ignore or smear any political candidate who is not bought and paid for by the two-headed monster that has become US politics today. We already see this happening. Hopefully, enough people will see through the hype and consider the possibility that the only real hope for true political change is a non-establishment party.

Do you believe there is any hope for real change in the US two-party tradition?

If civil rights are being lost, at what point is a democracy one in name only?

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