July 16, 2012

Chuck Smith and Doctors Announce Chuck's Cancer has Shrunk

Chuck Smith Pastor Chuck said this recent news was an answer to many who have been praying around the world, and he offered all praise, honor, and glory to God.

In an emotional communion service preceding the Wednesday night Bible study last night, the founder of the Calvary Chapel movement announced that his lung tumor has shrunk appreciably and is no longer active.
Choking back tears at the Lord's Table, Pastor Chuck Smith, 85, conveyed his doctors' report from the previous day, which revealed his tumor had shrunk from 30 x 28 millimeters to 6 x 10 millimeters, according to a staff member at the church.
When Pastor Chuck first came out there was a moment of anticipation. "Everybody was on pins and needles," says Bernard Aiken, a lead usher. "We were thinking the worst."
The congregation stood amidst a few seconds of hushed silence as the highly-loved pastor delivered news from his doctors. When the congregation realized it was good news, the atmosphere changed dramatically. "The whole place went into a big buzz, with people clapping and praising the Lord," Aiken reports.
Many in the audience wept with joy along with the legendary pastor.
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Mark Ellis : Jul 16, 2012 : Blog.GodReports.com


  1. I am glad to hear he's doing better. However, I hope he offers some thanks, praise, and glory to his doctors as well.

    1. Yeah...Cancers will sometimes shrink. Sometimes when they do that they will come back though. So this is not really a "miracle" here.

      If a burn victim completely lost all scarring or an amputee grew back an arm, both without medical intervention though, then we'd be talking.

    2. Reynold, you know full well that God only works miracles when either the resulting evidence is very poor, or when the miracle itself is amenable to other, more mundane explanations.

      Shame on you for expecting more from the omnipotent creator of all of reality! :-P


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