November 09, 2012

U.S. Falling: Loses Top 10 Position Among Most Prosperous Countries

As the US welcomes another four years of Obamanomics, statistics show we are continuing on a downward economic path compared to other countries. As pointed out by the Activist Post, "The United States is exhibiting every sign of becoming a Third World country, as evidenced by its failings in 10 key areas, and for the first time it has dropped from a top-ten position in the 2012 Legatum Institute’s Prosperity Index, as covered in the video below."

Comparing the US with other countries, "Perhaps most significantly, its Economy fell to 20th — Malaysia and Thailand are 15th and 18th respectively. Equally as troubling is Safety and Security which came in at 27th. Personal Freedom at 14th was on par with Uruguay and Costa Rica; and only 16 places above Botswana. (Ranking Page)"

The Activist Post article outlines how many are considering leaving the US for a more stable economy, but it also emphasizes how the war against freedom is global. The ramifications are much wider than just political affirmations and affording an annual vacation, they apply to survival itself. As noted, "For those who value entrepreneurship, innovation, self-sufficiency, basic human rights and limited government, all of the facts point to America being a very dangerous place indeed."

I don't want to imply that the the progressing collapse of America is mainly just a "democratic issue" or that the underlying reasons are even obvious. But things should be put in perspective. While basking in the glory of an Obama victory, the mainstream media has railed against Ted Nugent, who pointed out the obvious facts that a welfare state which provides such things as "food stamps" for alcohol and a support net which includes such things as cable TV and cell phones is not very beneficial for society in the long run. Not to mention the kinds of bonuses single mothers receive for never marrying. 
The deeper funk in all is that Obama has been running a more deceptive and corrupt administration than most people have imagined because the mainstream media simply won't touch the underlying issues. And that, even if Romney had won, he would also be advocating the support of neocon civil rights abuses in the name of "safety" (as Obama does), as well as the unconditional support of the Federal Reserve and the kind of crony capitalism that has helped Monsanto to become the governor of the FDA. Both candidates support globalist policies over US sovereignty and for this reason the financial collapse of America would probably not be such a big let down in their minds. And as long as congressmen are receiving their cushy salaries, they don't seem to have much to lose either. It has been said, "Democracy will only last until the people realize they can vote themselves money out of the treasury." It is this type of underlying rot that allowed for the Federal Reserve to be deceitfully created in 1913 and has been affirmed by the two-party, status-quo, establishment electoral races and the recent Obama election victory.

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  1. Yes, thank you democrats.

  2. I guess Japan must already be a banana republic since it ended up 22nd. And Saudi Arabia should be pure hell, scoring 52nd place.

    1. Anonymous, Perhaps you haven't heard, Japan has been crippled somewhat since the Fukashima incident, which is far from over. And the Middle East has been affected by devastating wars, which are also far from over.

    2. Perhaps you should do your homework before making ridiculous claims.

      Japan has mostly restored its postions before the tsunami according to the Legatum Prosperity Index. In some areas it has even surpased its 2010 positions.

      And do enlighten me. Since when did Saudi Arabia and its population have been suffering from the wars of their neighbors? Furthermore, wars from neighbor countries do not seem to be taken into account by the Lagatum Prosperity Index. Kuwait has scored better than Italy on safety and security despite being in the middle east. And the United Arab Emirates have one of the highest level of safety and security in the world here.


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