November 22, 2016

If You are Still Angry and Bitter Weeks After the Election...

I've noticed that a lot of people seem to be especially angry and bitter after this presidential election and I am concerned. This is a list of possible ideas to help get over the election, to feel peace as an individual, to heal as a nation, and to move forward. If you see that I have missed anything that might be helpful, please post a comment.

If You are Still Angry and Bitter Weeks After the Election...
1. Accept that it was basically a standard and fair election.
2. Realize that anger and bitterness will not change the final vote count.
3. Consider that supporting a bitter attitude can ultimately encourage violence and destruction.
4. Civil and respectful dialogue is better than promoting anger, violence and destruction.
5. It's helpful to list specifically what you are bitter about for constructive conversation.
6. Accept that the mainstream media has been offering dishonest news on the election.
7. Consider that others doing research may have facts that are more accurate than your information.
8. A person may consider one issue as most important, such as opposing late-term abortions.
9. You can agree to disagree, if you believe that your opinion or top issue is more valid or important.
10. Try not to alienate and cut off family members and friends because of politics or bitterness.

11. If you have a difficult time letting go of bitterness, consider counseling.
12. If you really want socialism, try to legally promote a socialist candidate for election in four years.
13. If America, capitalism, or Trump are truly unbearable to you, seriously consider moving out of the country, as many celebrities had promised to do.
14. Consider that there is an eternal living God that can offer perspective on this subject.
15. If God exists and will judge all people justly, then you are free to love all people unconditionally.

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