November 23, 2016

Shocking: France bans video showing happy Down syndrome children

Deacon Greg Kandra outlined this story from France:

"On November 10th, the French ‘State Counsel’ rejected an appeal made by people with Down syndrome, their families and allies to lift the ban on broadcasting the award winning “Dear Future Mom” video on French television. The ban was previously imposed by the French Broadcasting Counsel. Kids who are unjustly described as a ‘risk’ before they are born, are now wrongfully portrayed as a ‘risk’ after birth too. The video features a number of young people from around the globe telling about their lives. Their stories reflect today’s reality of living with Down syndrome and aims to reassure women who have received a prenatal diagnosis. Their message of hope takes away the fears and questions these women may have, often based on outdated stereotypes. The video was produced in 2014 to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day. A day created by Down Syndrome International and officially recognized by the United Nations for the promotion of the human rights of people with Down syndrome."

What is the logic behind this? How could this be allowed? This represents the kind of politically correct fascism that is based on secular-humanist atheist values. The agenda is to promote abortions and particularly the abortion of unwanted types of children. So anything that could detract from that agenda is opposed.

Let's not pretend that this attitude is limited to France. Princeton University, for example, teaches that infanticide, aborting an already born child, is ethical when considering the desires and feelings of the parents. If you would like to read about the twisted reasoning behind this, here is a link.

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