August 14, 2017

Wes Bellamy's Racist Tweets and Quotes

Well, if it seems that a civil war is being agitated in places like Charlottesville, Virginia, we might as well look into who personally is being used as a tool for this. I'd written posts on the underlying causes of racism recently. But it can be helpful to know which politicians are most provoking antagonism and violence in Charlottesville. The web-clip of the Charlottesville government site was taken when this post was written, showing Vice-Mayor Wes Bellamy still sitting as a public servant in Virginia, despite his incredibly anti-white racist Tweets. This underscores that Charlottesville, Virginia harbors a very anti-white bias in its politicians.

As the MSM news has been harping away on talking points regarding everyone except for those that are actually vocally racist and agitating unrest, let's take a look at who is really responsible behind the scenes, let's take a look at Wes Bellamy, the Vice-Mayor of Charlottesville. Based on his self-published quotes, he harbors extreme racism against white people. The language isn't any worse than the average Hollywood movie, but I feel that I should offer a language warning because of the vulgarity of Bellamy's Tweets.

This link describes the background how there were two votes in which Bellamy and Kristen Szakos lost twice in their attempts to remove a statue of Robert E. Lee. Because each vote was a tie, 2 to 2, the statue would stay based on the representative system. But that was not good enough for Bellamy, who apparently continued to oppose the vote results and would not accept the decisions.

The MSM news has been promoting a narrative that white supremacists were responsible for violence in Charlottesville. But, apparently, the main issue originally was simply based on whether to allow the Confederate statue of Lee to remain, which is also an issue of historicity and not just simply a promotion of white supremacy. And local politicians behind the scene such as Mayor Mike Signer and Vice-Mayor Wes Bellamy seemed to want violent confrontation to break out!

The following Tweets were sourced from the Internet, and include link sources.

Racist and Misogynist Tweets by Bellamy (Warning, some are graphic!)


Can you imagine what the media would do if President Trump personally Tweeted these types of racist and vulgar messages as a politician? But for some reason, Wes Bellamy, who was furthermore instrumental in agitating the volatile situation in Charlottesville, gets a free pass. The fact is, Bellamy's comments show a sense of racial superiority. This is underscored by the fact that he feels the need to "tune out when white people talk in the community." Contrary to the opinion of some, African Americans can, in fact, be racist and those that are should probably address the root causes.

We saw this same type of extreme double standard when a lead cast member of Broadway show Hamilton lectured Vice President Pence about good American values, having himself posted anti-white racist and misogynist Tweets, as shown at this link.


Video: Car Attacked Before Ramming Crowd vs. The Narrative

List of Documented Dishonesty and Fake News From CNN

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