August 14, 2017

Racism Reveals Slavery of the Mind


Racism is basically inner slavery. It's based on false concepts. When people say things like "stop hatred" and "end the hate" it shows a focus on the fruit and not the root. In order to address the true cause of racism, it's necessary to look at the basis of ethics and to see if people's views are logical.
One of the ironies of the recent clashes between white supremacists and ant-fa protesters in Charlottesville is that both sides of the same conflict had extremely racist factions. In other words, Nazi whites were racist and Antifa non-whites were also racist. This underscores that there is a very deep and foundational misconception guiding the minds of both sides of this conflict.

While many people are trying to pin the violence in Charlottesville on either whites, Christians, or radical protesters bussed in by George Soros, I'd like to point out that there are much deeper issues at play that have to do with the basis of ethics. When you break it down, it's clear that ethical literacy and self-deception are most serious problems in society today. This outline shows why it's not logical to blame Christian conservatives for this type of violence, and that on the contrary, the basis of Christian ethics is very much against racism.

Racism Reveals Slavery of the Mind

Racism is based on personal slavery to idolatry and self-centered relativist ethics.

True Christian conservatism is based on an objective foundation of ethics.

God's perfect, unchanging and eternal nature is the true objective foundation of ethics.

Therefore, true Christian conservatism has nothing to do with racism.
Today, it's widely taught that ethics are ultimately based on relativistic feelings. In order to address the problem of racism, it's helpful to discuss the true basis of ethics. God's perfect, unchanging and eternal nature is the true objective foundation of ethics. This has been established as the most logical and cohesive explanation of ethics through interactive debates between Christians and atheists. If you look into actual debates with William Lane Craig and top defenders of atheism, you'll see this and understand this subject better.
Albert Mohler went so far as to label racism as a damnable heresy. This is because it is an affront to the value of all God's creation and thereby undermines the gospel to the point where people would be considered as not being worthy of hearing the message:
"But I would argue that racial superiority in any form, and white superiority as the central issue of our concern, is a heresy. The separation of human beings into ranks of superiority and inferiority differentiated by skin color is a direct assault upon the doctrine of Creation and an insult to the imago Dei — the image of God in which every human being is made. Racial superiority is also directly subversive of the gospel of Christ, effectively reducing the power of his substitutionary atonement and undermining the faithful preaching of the gospel to all persons and to all nations."

Hateful racism can originate with a strong root of bitterness that controls the mind and heart. I've touched on this more in another post. Bitterness enslaves both the mind and the heart.
Another side of racism has to do with scientific racism, wherein elite intellectuals believe that there is over population and the "lesser races" should be culled for the sake of the survival of the planet. This view is also based on relativistic ethics and is not in keeping with Christian conservativism. Any form of racism reveals an underlying denial of God as the basis of ethics and these views are necessarily based on a non-cohesive and illogical framework of ethics because there is no ultimate frame of reference without God. You cannot derive "ought from "is" no matter how much wishful thinking is involved. The following article explains this more in depth

Why Science Still Cannot Answer Moral Questions

If you would like to better understand the reasoning behind why powerful people and organizations today are interested in dramatically reducing the world's population based on racism and genetic considerations, the following article can help you to understand their reasoning:
How Richard Dawkins' Evolution Justifies Racism and Genocide

The irony of liberals attempting to pin racism on Christian conservatives is that secular liberalism supports racism in many different facets, from Planned Parenthood's Margaret Sangar to eugenics, and true conservative Christianity is the true and logically cohesive defense of equality based on the objective basis of ethics in God's nature.
Posted by Rick Warden

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  1. Do you have any evidence to indicate that a significant portion of the protesters were racist?
    Do you have evidence that people are trying to pin the racism on white conservative Christians (a rather broad category) rather than the Nazis and white supremacists who were at the rally?

    1. Perhaps you're equating the Naz is and white supremacists with conservative Christians?


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