August 16, 2017

There Can Be No 'Hate On Both Sides' In A Totalitarian State

The war of words just keeps on getting escalated. I wonder what the statue of Vladimir Lenin in Washington would say if it could talk? Apparently, statues are extremely powerful all of a sudden and must be immediately destroyed. But what about old Vlad? There are no calls for the destruction of Lenin's statue as a symbol of repressive totalitarianism and mass killings of innocent people, outside of the ethics of war. Perhaps his views are a little too close to Barack Obama's and Hillary Clinton's? We know now that Hillary was a major fan of Saul Alinsky and that there are at least 22 ways that Obama's America was more in keeping with a socialist state than with U.S. principles.

President Trump's comment that there were hate and blame on "both sides" and "many sides' of the clashes at Charlottesville, Virginia has become a lightening rod used by CNN and other MSM news outlets to keep the attacks on President Trump coming. The fact that Wes Bellamy, the Vice-Mayor of Charlottesville, holds very anti-white sentiments and was instrumental in fomenting a violent situation holds no value for the narrative. Some people actually believe that African Americans cannot be racist because they believe that only whites can be racist. I'm not kidding. This is just the beginning of the many issues that should probably be discussed. Another issue is the gross negligence of Mayor Mike Signer in his oversight of this volatile event.

Contrary to CNN, it's not "stunning" or "remarkable" for Trump to point out that there's hate on both sides and blame for the violence in Charlottesville on both sides of the conflict. Groups of people from both sides basically came ready for a fight, if not looking to start a fight. And both sides made racist comments. The roots of racism are based on both false concepts and ingrained bitterness and ideally these types of issues would be addressed towards healing and unity. Racism is slavery of the mind. And one of the basic needs is to address any denial of racist bitterness and to heal its roots. A war of words will not address the root and will only escalate into more violence. But discussion, healing, peace, and unity are not a part of the progressive agenda.

As opposed to seeking dialogue and discussion, the radical left is increasingly claiming that the debate is over on many issues. The ACLU pointed out that everyone in the U.S. has a right to free speech, even white supremacists. I am opposed to all forms of racism, but I support free speech for all people. The ACLU also pointed out that the police were ordered to stand down and allow violence to break out. A video of the car that rammed the crowd of people shows someone attacking the car while it was driving slowly and it is possible that the driver sped up simply out of panic, with no intention of harming anyone.

Anyone interested in taking the time to look into the subject of ethics will see that an accurate view of Christianity does not support racism, but supports the equal value of all human life. On the contrary, when people idolize their own race, nationality, culture, or gender, then there are serious problems of discrimination. When ethics are based on a false foundation, then there are illogical and harmful results. This is what really should be discussed, the true foundation of ethics.

The narrative of the progressive left fell apart when no actual evidence of "Russian collusion" swaying the 2016 presidential election ever materialized. And so now we are on to a new narrative that President Trump and everyone that supports him must be filled with hate because a white supremacist group that no one has ever heard of before, Unite the Right, capitalized on a question of whether Confederate statues should be taken down or not and this group clashed with a bunch of Antifa rioters that came looking for trouble. One thing I know is that Saul Alinsky would be very proud that the progressive left is so engrossed with his tactics of causing mayhem and spreading false narratives and that so many of the U.S. people seem to be falling for it.

The fact that Nazis were a part of the Orange Revolution and the overthrow of the Ukraine government, and that Obama and his cabinet did not voice any concerns, underscores the hypocrisy of the MSM news and people attempting to demonize based on guilt by association. Likewise, addressing the true needs of the U.S. people in terms of discussion, healing, and working toward more racial unity based on actual mutual dialogue is not a consideration now for the progressive left. It's mainly about somehow retrieving the power that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton lost.

The core American values regarding the worth and equality of every human life, freedom from totalitarianism, traditional family values, and the right to free speech, are supported on a deep foundation that can only be toppled by misinformation, deception, censorship of dialogue and manipulation. And these are the types of values that Vladimir Lenin embraced in order to establish and maintain his totalitarian regime.

Early on in his Red Terror, Vladimir Lenin had the "intelligentsia" or intellectuals killed off. He referred to the intelligentsia as the feces and not the brain of society because the intelligent people were not easily manipulated into a class-based revolution. It's not only that intelligence and creativity are diminished in a totalitarian state, they are attacked. Ultimately, reason and logic are in opposition to secular-atheistic totalitarianism because these reveal Theism as a more logical explanation to metaphysical questions and questions of ethics, as shown by William Lane Craig. Ethical relativists deny debate on deeper issues because their views are ultimately shown to be illogical. We've seen a prime example of this in Richard Dawkins and we're seeing it now with the one-sided, "You're all wrong, we're all right. Period." narrative being offered by establishment MSM news sites.

The most dangerous idea is the censorship and denial of the discussion of ideas.

Statues are not really the issue. I'm not outraged by the removal of statues. I'm disappointed that people believe immediately removing 100-year-old statues will significantly solve the problem of racism. It won't. Only sincere and honest dialogue can help begin to address that. I don't see a desire for that, though. I see the MSM repeating false narratives over and over as a form of propaganda. And I see a lot of people like blind sheep repeating these false talking points. If the first U.S. civil war was mainly due to physical slavery, it seems the next will probably be due the slavery of the mind. Don't expect Lenin's statue to be toppled anytime soon in today's America.

by Rick Warden

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  1. There's something wrong when your words indicate a moral equivalence between white supremacists, Nazis and fascists and those who oppose them - as do Trumps. That you're also defending that moral equivalence speaks volumes about you.

  2. "Theism as a more logical explanation to metaphysical questions and questions of ethics, as shown by William Lane Craig."
    As ARGUED by WLC. His arguments are far from proven, and are far from the majority view of experts in the field(s).

    "Ethical relativists deny debate on deeper issues because their views are ultimately shown to be illogical."
    2 statements you can't justify in the one sentence, not to mention throwing in your favorite, but flawed way to settle the truth (debate).

    "We've seen a prime example of this in Richard Dawkins"
    Seems like an irrelevant little aside Rick.

    "and we're seeing it now with the one-sided, "You're all wrong, we're all right. Period." narrative being offered by establishment MSM news sites."

    Do you think that Nazi's and white supremacists are wrong?
    Do you think that fascists are wrong?
    How is it that opposing them is also wrong?


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