January 04, 2019

Do You Know How Many Have Been Murdered by 'Undocumented Immigrants' in the US?

This is a key question: What is the total number of murders committed by 'undocumented immigrants' in the U.S.? Is the number in the hundreds? Thousands? Tens of thousands? Most people have no idea.

The reason this question is avoided by the mainstream media is that there has been a media blackout on this subject because the facts undermine an underlying 'politically correct' agenda that is being promoted by the establishment leftist media, Democratic Socialists, and the United Nations. Faith Goldy analyzes the UN push for open borders and migrant 'civil rights' at her website and also in a YouTube video, UN Migrant Compact: The Death Of Nations:

The situation on immigrant murders is much worse than we've been led to believe, and this brings up difficult questions. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez:, and other Democrats are aggressively opposing a secure border. Instead, they are promoting sanctuary cities and policies that kill thousands of innocent people. This type of policy suicide began in earnest under former President Obama.

The Washington Times reported: "More than 100 immigrants whom the Obama administration released back into the community went on to be charged with subsequent killings, according to government data released"[1]

In a video, Laura Wilkerson, the mother of Joshua Wilkerson, publicly asked Nancy Pelosi for better border enforcement because Joshua had been tortured and killed by a DACA youth. In her strange reply, Pelosi said: "Thank you for channeling your energy to help prevent something like that from happening." And then she denied that there was any policy problem: "In our sanctuary cities our people are not disobeying the law." Not only is crashing the border illegally cheating out those that wish to immigrate legally, the statistics I'll show later in the post reveal that homicide rates are, in fact, higher for illegal aliens. Either Nancy is delusional, or dishonest, or both, and to imply that 'channeling energy' is enough to address this problem is a virtual slap in the face to this mother.

In reality, when people cross the border illegally, they are cheating out potential immigrants interested in coming to the U.S. legally. There is no persecution happening in Mexico and the word "refugee" does not apply. On the contrary, the propaganda promoting a young girl supposedly separated from her mother turned out to be the case of a Guatemalan mother that kidnapped one of her daughters from her home and risked both their lives trying to come to the U.S. in order to have an easy life as a single mother on welfare. This selfish mother and the truth of this story flies in the face of the propaganda that was supported by Time, Maddow on MSNBC, and most establishment media.
How Many Have Been Murdered by 'Undocumented Immigrants' or 'Illegal Aliens' in the US?
This question has been addressed by the American Thinker, referenced below, even though the US Government has not been keeping track of this subject very accurately. There were about 25,000 murders in a period of a few years: "By comparison, the FBI reports the murder rates for the entire U.S. from 2003 through 2009 varied from 5.0 to 5.8 per 100,000 inhabitants for an average rate of 5.5. To be clear, 5.5 is much lower than either 14.2 or 58.0. Or look at the total number of homicides in those years. Per the FBI, there were 67,642 murders in the U.S. from 2005 through 2008, and 115,717 from 2003 through 2009. Per the GAO, criminal aliens committed 25,064 of them. That means they committed 22% to 37% of all murders in the U.S., while being only 3.52% to 8.25% of the population."[2]

The murder total for undocumented immigrants is in the tens of thousands in the U.S., 10 times that of citizens. The FBI listed 57% of those on their "Most Wanted" list as "foreign-born" and likely undocumented immigrants.[3]

A few independent websites keep track of what the MSM news generally ignores: "MEDIA BLACKOUT: PREVIOUSLY DEPORTED ILLEGAL ALIEN WENT ON DEADLY SHOOTING SPREE IN CALIFORNIA December 19, 2018"

This problem is not going to disappear by channeling energy, as Nancy Pelosi offers, but by sharing the truth and taking practical steps. To build a border wall would help. Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed that border security walls and fences are effective: "President Trump is right. I built a wall along Israel's southern border. It stopped all illegal immigration. Great success. Great idea" 🇮🇱🇺🇸 103K 10:55 AM - Jan 28, 2017. Senator Ron Johnson affirmed this and Politifact supported the assertion with a "Mostly True" label. "Israel cut its illegal immigration rate by "99 percent" by constructing a 143-mile fence along its southern border."[4] David Rubin, a former mayor in Israel, confirmed that walls work in Israel in a video interview.

There is a claim floating around that a wall would be ineffective because people could come to the US by boat. But that theory is shot down by Israel. Almost half of Israel is accessed by water. It's not a landlocked country. And yet the wall has proven to be 99% effective against terrorists entering.

The claims that a wall is ineffective or is too expensive are simply unfounded. Given that many innocent citizens are being murdered and there are practical steps that would lead to more safety and peace in society, it is immoral to oppose such steps. As a Christian, I pray that politicians such as Pelosi, Schumer, and Cortez come to their senses and that more people become aware of the facts so that they can vote accordingly. Not only is it immoral, but it is delusional to go on as though everything is perfectly fine while thousands are unnecessarily killed. What's the worst kind of crazy? Is it a crazy person like Charles Manson that kills a few? Or crazy policies that kill thousands of people?

Because Speaker Pelosi is on record telling an Angel Mom that "channeling your energy" is the way to address murders by illegal aliens, Trump would be completely justified in using the "nuclear option" and making an executive order to build the border wall because there is a national security threat and Democrats are obstructing the most effective solution, a border wall.

Many people today are claiming that the term "illegal alien" is offensive and not acceptable, but it has always been the standard phrase of use until recently: "The term "alien" is not, nor has it never been a pejorative. It's a concise, legal term that helps with straightforward communication in a very complex area of law and policy. A foreigner can be a legal alien (e.g. a tourist) or an illegal alien (e.g. a visa-overstayer)."[5]

The phrase "illegal alien" is used in the legal language of U.S. Federal Law. Under "TITLE 8—ALIENS AND NATIONALITY" it says "1252c. Authorizing State and local law enforcement officials to arrest and detain certain illegal aliens."[6]

It's not racist to use correct legal terminology and to agree that obeying immigration law is moral and helpful to all of society. Additionally, being opposed to Socialism is not racist. Socialists and communists urge that more private property and money be taken and shared equally, but the result is overall decline. It's a grand deception.

A map of Europe shows locations where terrorism is out of control and some places where it hardly exists. Is it a mere coincidence that the places with excessive terrorism have been lax in vetting immigrants and countries such as Poland that are extremely careful do not have any attacks? Some people would call me xenophobic for pointing this out, and also stating that most of the terrorists come from Islamic countries, but I do not consider myself a servant of political correctness.

I believe that a lot of those blindly following establishment career politicians would be helped by considering those opposing the spending of $5-Billion to build a secure border wall so that our families can be protected from illegal entry of anyone that wants to enter also approved a $17-billion dollar increase in military spending. The 'Endless Wars' approach supported by the Bush family and Obama is carried on by Democrats Elizabeth Warren, Chuck Schumer, Corry Booker, Kamala Harris, and RINO Neocon politicians. Trump, as a non-career politician, is not beholden to the Military Industrial Establishment and is not so easily exploited for their profit-seeking. See the Roll Call Vote 115th Congress - 2nd Session voting record on this subject.

When anyone tries to keep you in the dark about facts and hazards, beware.

 "But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived." 2 Tim 3:13

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